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Let’s face it. These days you have to make sure your business caters for all tastes, and that means having the right furniture both inside and out. Of course, most professional space limit smoking to designated, outdoor areas, but that needn’t mean kicking your customers to the curb. Make sure your patio or smoking area is equipped with comfortable, weather-resistant furniture, ambient lighting, and of course a modern, outdoor ashtray. Our stainless steel options from the catering experts at Bartscher have an elegant finish and are easy to keep clean. Read more below.

Choose an outdoor ashtray for your bar, restaurant or venue

• Suitable for all businesses • Reduce litter • Large capacity • Stainless steel • Easy to clean • Free-standing or wall-mounted

Whether you’re running a bar, restaurant, café, or club, with the right furniture, you can turn the great outdoors into another room in which to treat and entertain your guests. One essential for any patio or outdoor dining area is a good quality ashtray that won’t overload or cause any offensive smells. Keep all of your guests happy by adding an outdoor ashtray to your range of catering equipment. Of course, it’s not only the catering industry that should take note. A high quality ashtray is suitable for all businesses, to provide your staff members with a comfortable place to smoke and make them aware of designated smoking areas. This also helps to deter littering, wherever you work! Even non-smokers will agree, that’s a win-win! New to the Expondo range, our ashtray selection features free-standing and wall-mounted options. The free-standing ashtrays are a great addition to your mobile catering equipment for festivals and events as they can be moved around easily to target busy areas and removed for emptying. The folding handles on our larger ashtray makes them easy to transport. All of our ashtrays can easily be emptied and reused, and are available in various sizes depending on your needs. The large ash containers with sand ashtrays ensure that cigarettes are extinguished thoroughly. This means any risk of fire or even excess smoke is kept to a minimum. And the lockable front flap and opening mechanisms make our ashtrays easy to clean.

More ways to provide for your guests

• Serve your guests outdoors • Ideal for festivals and events • Wide range of catering tents • Protect again cold, sun, wind, and rain • Nacho warmers for all events • Stainless steel trolleys

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to upgrade your outdoor catering and events, then you’ve come to the right place. In our full range of catering equipment, we’ve got plenty of ways to kit out any outdoor space including catering tents, portable heaters, barstools, outdoor bins, barbeques, and more. In our growing range of catering tents, you’ll find the perfect match for fighting the elements at your next outdoor event. Keep guests warm and dry at weddings, birthdays and sports-days. Our sturdy catering tents are built to protect against the elements while allowing sunlight to come through. In our full range of commercial kitchen equipment, you’ll also find some great outdoor foody treats including food buffets, candy-floss machines and popcorn makers. Our best-selling nacho warmers from Royal Catering are the perfect way to serve crisp and delicious chips to all your guests – ideal for sporting events, festivals, parties and more! And of course, whether you’re indoors or out, no fine-dining experience would be complete without equipping your staff with elegant stainless steel catering trolleys to help them serve the masses in style. Add a touch of class while speeding up your service and making sure you’re guests are served swiftly. Don’t forget that we also have a wide range of professional tools for your choose from, as well as industrial equipment for factories, warehouses, schools and beyond. Check out the full range today.