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As a brand well-known to the catering world, Bartscher offers a wide range of high-quality equipment. From automated sausage slicers to blenders and even convenient hot dog makers with toast rods, Bartscher will keep surprising you with innovative and intuitive products! Suitable for both professionals and individuals, the toughest thing you’ll have to deal with from this quality manufacturer is deciding which quality product to choose!

Top quality and safety at cheap prices: the advantages of Bartscher equipment

Top manufacturers Bartscher offer you a wide range of catering equipment at affordable prices. High output and reliability are the top priority, as you’ll see when using any of their products, such as their innovative conveyor toaster that allows you to grill up to 150 toasts per hour! To comply with hygiene and food safety standards, Bartscher use stainless steel as their main material for kitchen appliances and furniture. As an anti-corrosive and highly robust material, cleaning your kitchen equipment is much easier. Getting your deep fat fryer clean now only takes a few minutes with stainless steel! Most appliances from this trusted manufacturer are delivered with their complementary accessories included in the price. You will receive any requisite knives, blades, pushers, brushes, measuring cups and other tools with your main product: all of that to make your life easier! So, how about a time-saving electric vegetable slicer with 5 blades already included in the package?

Furthermore, to ensure your kitchen device can cope with peak times and let you prepare and cook safely, Bartscher’s experts thoroughly quality-check every product. These high-end manufacturers also aim to be flexible and adapt to the needs of every customer. This means that most products are available in different colours, shapes and sizes, featuring different materials and functionalities suited for all kinds of applications. So, have you made up your mind yet between the sauce dispensers with 1, 2, 3 or 4 pumps?

Expertise in the gastronomic world: innovation and modern design

In order to meet the demanding needs of caterers, restaurateurs and amateur chefs, Bartscher keeps innovating to offer an increasingly varied range of products. For those who love fine and ‘modernist’ cuisine, or for fans of high-tech gadgetry, the brand regularly offers new and technically sophisticated products. Check it out for yourself by having a look at their innovative juicers! Still hesitating between a juice extractor and a blender? These juice extractors are 2-in 1-tools - Bartscher offers a juice extractor which works as a mixer too, or you could even grab an automated vegetable cutter that becomes a juice extractor and blender too! A multi-function tool like becomes a must-have for any fun fair set-up or food truck equipment! Browsing the wide product range that expondo makes available to you, you’ll find so many useful kitchen tools that can save you time and effort, making your kitchen more efficient, such as these convenient vacuum packaging machines. Thanks to their ergonomic and modern design and high output capacity, these are real time-saving tools for both restaurants, food trucks, snack bars and even events at home!

Finally, if your investment objective of the month is more about furniture than appliances, expondo also offers storage, cleaning and display equipment by the Bartscher brand. From their convenient Plexiglas buffet displays to their numerous cutlery trays, and even useful ashtrays, you will be happy to finally find the piece of furniture you were missing from! Choose Bartscher and make a high-quality investment at affordable prices!