Boat Seats

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Comfortable boat seats for your next fishing trip

Anyone who has ever returned from a boat trip with a stiff back knows that comfortable boat seats are at least as important as sunny weather and a fresh breeze. Depending on the weather and driving speed, you might be rocking and bouncing over the water. Even fishermen are familiar with this problem: sitting for long periods of time strains the back muscles and the buttocks.

In our range, you can find a wide range of cosy boat seats in a variety of shapes and colours, with large – and even larger – seating areas, comfortable full upholstery, foldable backrest and easy assembly. The boat chairs are ergonomically shaped and hug the body tightly with foam padding. Our boat chairs are designed to withstand long periods of sitting and rocky seas, providing you with ideal seating comfort during your excursions. With an appropriate chair column, you can even adjust the height of your boat seat.

When buying a boat bench and boat equipment , look for durable materials such as vinyl, faux leather, fiberglass, leather and polypropylene. These are easy to clean, treated against mould and mildew stains, tear-resistant, of course, water-repellent and resistant to UV rays. This will allow you to enjoy boating for years to come.

Folding boat seats

Collapsible boat chairs provide more space for transportation and storage. Due to corrosion-resistant hinges, you fold the backrest forward with a flick of the wrist and, depending on the model, secure it in its compact position with a strap. You thereby protect the seat and backrest from external influences during storage.

Bench style boat seats

Comfortable boat benches with a wide seating area can seat several guests during your excursions. Simple boat benches that are padded with high-density foam are the ideal solution if you want to use the entire surface of your boat for seating. Here, too, many models have backrests, which are easy on the back, can be folded down and fastened quickly.

Speed boat seats

The seats from our range can be mounted on motorboats. If you're outboarding and like to cruise the water at speed, you need a safe seat that withstands vibrations. Corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminium and stainless steel ensure that our boat chairs can always be securely fastened – no squeaking and no wobbling, even with higher weights. This keeps you safe in your seat even when the sea is agitated.

Choose from a variety of sporty designs that blend seamlessly with the modern look of your motorboat.

How to clean mildew from boat seats

A warm and humid environment provides ideal conditions for mould to grow. Especially during storage, grey deposits and mould often form on the seats. Most boat chairs are covered with mould-resistant materials. If mildew stains or mould occur anyway, you can achieve good results even with simple means.

Water and soap

Use water and dish soap to combat light infestations. With this inexpensive method, you simply use a sponge to apply the soapy water and gently work it into the surface. Use circular movements to clean the entire surface of the boat chairs and remove dried dirt with mechanical friction. Once you have loosened the dirt from the surface, rub it with a dry cloth (cellulose or cloth rag).

Special cleaners

You can also find cleaning and care products that are specially designed for various types of artificial leather, vinyl and leather. With regular use, you should clean your boat benches and co. regularly and keep surfaces supple for a long time. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Note: Test how the material reacts to the care product on an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire seating furniture. This will prevent permanent discolouration or changes to the surface.

Prevent mildew and dirt on boat seats

It is best to clean your boat chairs after each use to prevent heavy soiling. Thereby, you can protect your seating furniture permanently and dirt particles won't dry into the upholstery or discolour the surfaces. The most effective way to prevent mould is to always ensure a dry, well-ventilated surface. Store your boat chairs in a dry, dust-free environment. To avoid debris such as dust and leaves, it is best to use boat covers. They keep the worst dirt out and protect your possessions from the elements when stored outdoors.

For small purses: inexpensive boat seats

Boat seats with armrests, comfortable upholstery, foldable backrest or sufficient load capacity for heavier sailors – you can find comfortable and durable steering chairs in good quality even at small prices. Take a look at our range and choose the different sizes or sets for your next trips on the water.