Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red
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Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red

Manufacturer: bredeco | Item number: EX20080006 | Model: BCPK-300-WR

Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red
Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red
Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red
Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red
Factory seconds Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red
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Factory seconds

Our factory seconds are generally refurbished customer returns or former display items. The products may have cosmetic defects but are technically flawless. As usual, we provide the normal right of return and warranty.

Product highlights

  • Preparation time: 100 sec.
  • 57 grams per preparation
  • Multifunctional measuring cup
  • Built-in stirring system
  • 50s retro design

Prepare appetizing popcorn snacks in next to no time: In a mere 100 seconds, a serving of popcorn of up to 57 grams can be ready to be enjoyed by the customers. Compared to similar commercial machines, this popcorn maker boasts an exceptionally fast preparation time, namely less than two minutes.

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Fast, delicious popcorn with the popcorn maker BCPK-300-WR from Bredeco


Be it with short heating times, an effective use of energy or precise temperature control, you will always get the best results. Complement your catering needs today with the BCPK-300-WR popcorn maker from Bredeco.

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The powerful 300 watts machine can heat the popcorn kettle in just a few seconds. The kettle temperature automatically regulates itself and reaches 350 °C. When the maximum temperature is exceeded, the overheating protection stops the hot air.

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The popcorn kettle has an aluminium finish, as well as a Teflon coating, which ensures that the popcorn does not stick, while also ensuring a smooth preparation. In addition to that, the material also supports the heating process and makes reaching the goal temperature even faster.

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On the upper surface, the popcorn kettle has two magnetic lids, which keep the temperature inside the closed kettle. For easier emptying or cleaning, the popcorn kettle is equipped with a heat-insulated plastic handle. Thanks to the stirring system, the hot popcorn will not burn.

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All in all, the popcorn maker impresses with its compact 50s retro design, its dimensions of 29 × 32 × 46.5 cm and its conveniently low weight of only 3.45 kg. Accordingly, transporting and a space-savingly storing the device is remarkably easy. The rubber feet protect sensitive surfaces against scratches from contact with the popcorn maker. The BCPK-300-WR popcorn maker from Bredeco will make your popcorn wishes come true at any time - easy, efficient and completely automatically.

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  • Easy to clean kettle with Teflon coating
  • Separate toggle switches for preparation and lighting
  • Large kettle capacity: 630 ml
  • 55 g maize prepared into popcorn in less than 2 minutes
  • Professional quality
  • Attractive 50‘ design

Discount: 20%

Popcorn Maker - 50’s Retro Design - Red

With the BCPK-300-WR popcorn maker from Bredeco, you can professionally produce fresh popcorn, store it optimally and serve it warm. Designed especially for commercial use, it is ideal for cinemas, snack buffets, public events, festivals, carnivals and any other occasions when this exceptional and popular snack should be available.

Item number
Factory seconds
Kettle material
Kettle inside material
Teflon coating
230 V /50 Hz
300 W
Max. capacity
9.13 l
Max. capacity popcorn chamber
8,5 L
Max. capacity heating chamber
0,63 l
Diameter, kettle
215 mm
Amount of maize
57 g per serving
Frying time per 57 g serving
100 sec.
Max. temperature
359 °C
Power cable length
87 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH):
28.5 x 32.5 x 46 cm
3.35 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
32 x 29 x 50 cm
Shipping weight
4.1 kg
Delivery Package
  • Popcorn maker BCPK-300-WR
  • Measuring cup
  • Shovel
  • Operating instructions

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