Commercial Air Fryer

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Create endless dishes from slow cooked roast to fast food favourites with this healthy cooking option. Sometimes healthy cooking options sound too good to be true. But with a multifunctional air fryer from Bredeco, new to the Expondo range, you can create endless tasty dishes while actually decreasing you’re your use of cooking oils and fats. Suitable for preparing veggies, fries, donuts, meats, and seafood, the ingenious device cooks by circulating hot air around the food at high speed, giving you thorough cooking-power with a delicious, crisp finish.


Choose a professional air fryer for a healthy cooking option

• Healthy cooking option • Multifunctional: Bake, fry, roast, slow-cook • Safer than cooking with oil • Compact and lightweight • Touchscreen display and LED signals

No-one can deny the irresistible taste and texture of crispy fried and baked food. This unique taste, known as the Maillard effect, is usually created by frying in shallow oil, deep fat frying, or coating foods in oil or fat before baking. With the use of hot air technology, there is now a healthy alternative to creating these hearty treats, that is safe, convenient and of course, has amazing health benefits. No more need to compromise on a delicious menu choices with an air fryer in your range of cooking devices. Our high-powered air dryer is ideal for all types of restaurants such as gastropubs, cafes, and fast food outlets. Compact kitchens will certainly benefit of from this compact, high-powered device. They are also great if you’re looking for lightweight catering supplies for hosting weddings, parties, and events. Even home chefs will make quick and easy use of this intuitive cooking solution. Our budget-friendly air dryer from Bredeco is also a safer alternative than cooking with hot oils and fats. The multifunctional ait dryer enables eight different cooking functions including frying, baking, roasting, and slow-cooking, all using fewer calories than traditional cooking. You can even put a healthy spin on the world’s favourite side-dish, the classic side of fries. Simply prep your potatoes using one of our ergonomic fruit and veg choppers and whip up a batch. Your guests will never know the difference. This modern air fryer features short heat-up times, efficient energy use and precise temperature control, with an integrated 60-minute timer. Finally, clean-up is made easy thanks to the air fryer’s non-stick coating.

Plenty more ways to stock your kitchen

• World-renowned brands • From preparation to clean-up • Fast-acting snack bar equipment • Stainless steel burger presses • More stainless steel favourites

Our range of cooking gadgets and furniture doesn’t stop with the Bredeco air fryer. With expert names such as Royal Catering and Bartscher, we’ve got you covered at every step, from prepping and storing, cooking and serving, and even cleaning and maintenance. In our full range of snack bar equipment, you’ll find endless ingenious cooking and prepping gadgets for whipping up great food in a flash. Our catering toasters are ideal for hotel buffets and B&B’s, enabling you to prepare up to 720 slices of toast an hour. Our hot dog rollers are another excellent choice for breakfast service as well as diners, takeaways and fast-food stands. You’ll also find our stainless-steel burger presses. Whip up your own original burger recipes and give them a neat and uniform finish before popping them on the grill. Our trust in stainless steel also extends to furniture such as worktops, shelves, and storage units, and serving solutions such as low-noise serving trolleys. We’ve even got a s selection of stainless steel topped precision scales in our range of industrial supplies. After serving, there are always list of cleaning and maintenance tasks to complete before your next service. Why not check out our range of professional tools featuring drainage tools, ideal for kitchen sinks and bathrooms. You’ll be set for your next service in no time!