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They say a great dish is all about balance. And when it comes to modern cooking, more and more chefs are striving to achieve the perfect balance between great taste and healthy eating. Cooking with commercial griddle helps you to achieve just that. Whether your speciality is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or ‘all of the above’, you’ll find the style and size that’s right for you in our wide range of cooking gadgets.

With commercial griddles, achieve healthy cooking without comprising on taste!

  • Healthier way of cooking
  • Acheive that delicious chargrilled flavour
  • Versatile product with multiple uses
  • Energy efficient models available


With so many diners looking for leaner options, it’s important to keep up with the times and offer up a healthy range without compromising on taste. Our range of commercial griddles are suitable for commercial kitchens such as cafés, gastro-pubs, and fast food restaurants: Who said that fast food can’t be healthy? They’re also great for mobile kitchens such as food trucks, snack stands and market stalls. Our selection of commercial griddles are even suitable for private use, to put a professional touch on your personal range of catering equipment. When you work with commercial griddles, it’s natural to think of burgers and kebabs as your go-to dish, but in reality they are much more diverse. With our smooth topped commercial griddles from Royal Catering, you can start your breakfast service with lashings of eggs, bacon and even pancakes, all while cutting down on excess cooking oils and fats.Just the hearty start to the day that your customers need!

Our convenient electric commercial griddle with both smooth and ribbed surfaces is fantastic when it comes to cooking beautifully charred steak and fish. You can even use the smooth option for whipping up rapid sizzling stir-fries or golden quesadillas. Our commercial griddles are also perfect for use with vegetables and even fruit: Ever tried a grilled slice of pineapple topped with coconut ice-cream? Now that’s a dessert to surprise any guest! However you choose to experiment, commercial griddles are a great way to lock in the flavour of every dish while keeping your menu light and healthy.

Saving time and flavour!

With all products in our range of catering and industrial equipment, we pride ourselves on featuring quality stainless steel tools and gadgets. Our stainless steel commercial griddles are sturdy and anti-corrosive, meaning they stand the test of time. And with an easy-to-clean surface and draining device as standard, cleaning up time is minimised and your kitchen’s hygiene standards are kept in check. With heat resistant edges and a spatter guard to protect against splashes, our commercial griddles are safe and easy to use. We stock both gas and electrically powered models, both of which feature efficient and powerful homogenous heating elements that reach your desired temperature rapidly. Like all of our industrial and craft supplies, our commercial griddles are intuitively designed as the ideal helper to save you time in a busy workspace.

Temperature control (from 50 – 300 degrees C) is fully intuitive using the distinct controls and light indicators. From storage and preparation to cooking and serving, you’ll find plenty more efficient kitchen helpers in our full range of stainless steel furniture. To save time on ‘food prep’, take our professional table can openers, for instance; designed to fit stably into kitchens big and small, offering a safe and intuitive alternative to manually opening canned ingredients. When it comes to cooking, our commercial rice cookers are another great time-saver, allowing you to focus on the real pièce-de-résistance for every service. Whether you’re working in a compact kitchen or a sprawling cafeteria, you’ll find the right model in our full range of commercial grills. It’s always a good time to find a device that saves you time, and helps to keep every dish both healthy and delicious.