Cooking plate

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A full-sized stove is certainly not the most convenient option for cooking in small spaces or on the go. If you’re looking to save room in your kitchen or need a portable way to sauté, simmer and fry foods – such as in a food truck or mobile catering company – a cooking plate is the perfect solution. One of the simplest and yet most versatile items in our catering equipment catalogue, these cooking plates are a kitchen staple.

Cooking plates save space – and save you money!

A cooking plate is a streamlined and affordable alternative to other compact cooking solutions such as electric countertop ovens or microwaves. These sleek and practical appliances are made by trusted manufacturers you’ll recognise from our popular range of catering supplies and handworking tools. Cooking plates allow you to cook anything you’d cook on a stove, from soups to salmon, using any saucepan or frying pan you like. This is fantastic for use in any home or flat where the kitchen is too small for a conventional stove unit, or where you are unable to install full-sized kitchen appliances due to a rental situation.

A single-ring cooking plate is such an easy way to cook anything using minimal counter space, making it ideal for a student kitchen or even a caravan! Because these models are entirely electrical, you don’t need to worry about the risks and difficulties of using gas canisters. Our double-ring cooking plates give you the option of cooking two different dishes at once, so you can boil that spaghetti and simmer the bolognese at the same time. This type of cooking plate is perfect for mobile caterers such as food trucks, wedding catering companies or market stalls, where you need to make delicious, high-quality food using equipment you can pick up and pack away. Thanks to their streamlined design and high-end materials, these hot plates are robust enough to deal with hours of use at a time, are easy to clean and light enough to be lifted and moved by just one person. Whether you’re making omelettes to order or cooking up a storm in a church hall fete, this is an abundantly useful kitchen gadget for professional caterers and home cooks.

Boil, sizzle, stew or steam – it’s all possible

Like all of our catering and industrial appliances, these cooking plates are designed with your use in mind. Both the single-plate and double-plate models have intuitive and infinitely variable temperature controls so that you can cook each dish the way you want it – unlike so many portable stoves which always seem to switch between far too cold and far too hot! You could plug these electric hobs into a portable generator to use them outdoors or in a caravan, and the on/off switch lets you make sure they’re only heated when you need them.

Our cooking plates are perfect for caterers or cooks who are dealing with space issues or need to be able to move their operations from place to place. However, if you’re looking to serve larger amounts of soups or hot foods, a professional soup pot or portable bain marie would also be a perfect addition to your kitchen. We have many options for cooking and heating up food, and for keeping it warm during service; simply browse our catalogue of heating equipment to put together just the right equipment for your needs. For a butcher’s shop, fishmonger or grocer, a hot plate is a great way to prepare marinades, flavoured butters and pre-cooked foods ‘to go’, and fits neatly in among your more bulky food preparation appliances.