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Strengthen up with dynamic dumbbells

Strength is a feeling like no other. Feeling physically strong and capable boosts our confidence, improves our mental health and let’s face it – makes us look pretty good too! With our new range of dumbbells from the gym equipment experts at Gymrex, we bring you the perfect addition to your gym, hotel, personal or professional exercise equipment, perfect for weight lifting and strength training, with a variety of curl bars or barbells to choose from.

Suitable for beginners, experts and everything in between!

  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts
  • Models with a total weight of set of 49kg
  • Models include 16 sets in total
  • Sturdy, high-quality construction

Our ranges of dumbbells come in a variety of models to suit all of your personal and professional strength training needs, and are suitable to different levels of difficulty. So don’t worry if you are a total beginner, searching for a simple to use workout solution, or a complete weight expert, in need of a reliable piece of equipment to enhance your areas of focus – our dynamic dumbbells are suitable for everyone! The full set of our barbell weight of 49kg for gyms, athletes and home use includes a strong barbell, two dumbbells and ten extra weights that vary between 1.25kg and 10kg, allowing you to load up to 42.5kg at a time. Or if you’re looking for a slightly lighter alternative to add to your gym, hotel, athletic or personal equipment, check out our curl bar weight set of 35.5kg, which comes with a long curl bar, two dumbbells and fourteen weights in total. No matter which model you decide to choose, you can have peace of mind that each of our dumbbells is very sturdy. The models are constructed using high-quality materials – the barbells are made of high-quality steel, while the weight plates consist of a strong sand and cement core, enclosed by a plastic shell, which enables an easy and safe set down after you’ve finished your workout. Without a doubt, our dumbbells are an essential addition to your personal and professional strength training equipment!

What are you weighting for?

  • Optimum safety guaranteed
  • Easy to read markings
  • Very durable
  • Suitable for home workouts

Guaranteed safety is a factor that we do not ignore here at Expondo, as we ensure that all of our products are secure and reliable for each and every user. That is why our pull up bars for on-the-go workouts, our dynamic range of dumbbells and the items from our range of sport equipment are all constructed with safety in mind. Our dumbbells in particular feature a star collar that allows weights to be effortlessly changed in and out, and ensures they are securely fastened to the sturdy barbell at all times. The dumbbells themselves feature a non-slip cover, so that you will have a firm grip on your equipment throughout your entire workout, even for the heaviest of weights. For additional peace of mind, pair them with one of our weight stands with a capacity of 350kg, which securely stores your weights when they are not in use. Our trustworthy dumbbells are a very durable, long-lasting product for any athlete, gym-lover, or weight beginner. And for a super simple user experience, they are also clearly marked with the correct weight information, allowing you to combine the right weights for your personal training plan. Another reason why our versatile dumbbells are suitable for even the easiest of home workouts – quality strength equipment does not have to be a complicated affair! Don’t forget that our full Expondo catalogue is packed full of products for all your exercise and strength training needs – take a look at our full range of endurance training devices for personal and professional use to get you started (our fitness trampoline for homes and gyms is a customer favourite!). What are you weighting for?