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In a busy catering environment, it's useful to have equipment that helps reduce time spent preparing and cooking food - helping you to serve customers quicker. That's why devices such as our commercial toasters, vegetable choppers, and electric griddles, complement your workflow, ease the pressure on your staff and are great investments. Electric griddles are particularly great for cooking a variety of mouthwatering meals.


Electric griddles - not just for meat-lovers

An electric griddle will sear in the flavour and add a tasty extra dimension to any restaurant or fast food dish. This multi-purpose catering device will gladly griddle vegetables, eggs and hash browns - making it great for preparing dinner, lunch and even breakfast. The thermostat temperature can be adjusted to sit anywhere between 50-300°C, putting you in full control of your food. Whilst cooking burgers and other meaty treats works well at a higher temperature, a lower temperature, (approx. 176°C) is ideal for gently cooking dishes like pancakes. Just like our craft supplies and industrial equipment, a high level of engineering has been used to ensure a precise electrical device that will happily remain at whichever temperature you set. An easy-to-use dial and lighting system keeps you updated on the status and temperature of your device.

Cooking with an electric griddle can reduce the levels of oil and saturated fats found in food, as there is no need to constantly keep adding oil. This, in turn, creates a healthier dish for your customers. More than that, platter guards on the back and side protect your walls and queuing customers from any hot oil splashes, whilst a well around the side of the griddle plate allows you to clean away grease and leftovers bits of food as you go. In combination with the stainless steel construction, these features make cleaning a much easier task. Stainless steel is also non-corrosive and sturdy, ensuring a long, productive life for your electric griddle.

Flexibility and safety at it's best

Many of our electric griddles are also fitted with a part-corrugated surface. These ridges are perfect for recreating that grilled looked and adding that depth of flavour. And if you want the option of grilling and griddling foods, there's no need fork out for another device from our catering equipment selection. By using an attachment grill, your ribbed electric griddle transforms into a double-sided contact grill. This is great for grilling paninis, sandwiches and toasties, as well as a variety of other foods. If your business needs require frequent use of a griddle as well as a grill, then do consider purchasing a separate contact grill. Models like our 55cm flat griddle are an affordable kitchen addition for both home cooks and those who want to test out customer demand for griddled products. But make sure to check out our full range of grills, to find heavier duty commercial devices, which happily undergo regular use and have griddle surfaces that are 50 -100cm wide. A larger surface gives you the room and flexibility needed to cook multiple dishes at one time, cutting down customer waiting time.

Safety and ease of use are at the forefront of the electric griddles' modern design. Heating plates with a robust thickness of 1.2cm will quickly heat up to reach the cooking temperature you desire.Once you've created your delicious griddled food, be sure to serve it on warm plates by using our plate warmers. Warm plates enhance the presentation of your food by keeping it at the perfect serving temperature. Check out our full range of cooking gadgets by both Royal Catering and Bartscher, to find the right electric griddle for you. They're the perfect new addition to your kitchen that will help you increase sales, save time and delight your customers!