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Sensor Kitchen Bin - 50 L - round

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Item: EX10260009


Model: STAR_BIN_03

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Key features
  • Opens and closes automatically
  • Motion sensor with a range of approx. 30 cm and LED display
  • Battery-powered and mobile
  • Hygienic housing made of high-quality stainless steel makes for simple cleaning
  • Durable—thanks to high-quality materials and clean workmanship
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Sensor Kitchen Bin - 50 L - round

A kitchen bin should be practical above all else. Yes, the stainless steel sensor kitchen bin STAR_BIN_03 looks good, but most of all it is incredibly practical: it opens as soon as you approach it and then automatically closes again. That's right, you don't even have to touch it to open it, making this bin extremely hygienic, not to mention convenient. Throwing away your rubbish has never been easier!
The lid of this bin remains tightly closed, preventing odours from escaping, until you approach within 30 cm with a bit of paper or an apple core. The sensor recognizes the motion and opens the lid. Now you can conveniently place your rubbish in the automatic bin. As soon as the sensor no longer senses movement, it waits five seconds and then closes the lid. The holding time is counted down on an LED display.
The automatic system with motion detector has numerous advantages: The bin's lid only opens if you want to throw something out, the rest of the time it remains closed. This is particularly important for perishable rubbish. You no longer have to touch the lid, which on regular garbage bins often becomes dirty. This protects your health. And of course, it is convenient not to have to spare a thought for how to open the bin—it just opens itself.
The inner bin of the automatic trash can is also hygienic. The 50-litre bin is made of high-quality stainless steel, which stands out for its exceptionally long service life and has a smooth surface which is very easy to clean.
There is an on/off switch for the sensor in a protected location. The automatic sensor is powered by four Mignon AA batteries (not included), so you can set up the sensor bin independently of any external power source. The lid of the automatic garbage bin can also be opened manually if needed.


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last month Posted on Expondo Sweden

The perfect kitchen bin

This is my second one of the same, the first lasted five years until one of my kids forgot and force closed it once too many… Great looks, quick response and opening, sturdy.

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2 months ago Posted on Expondo Poland

Touchless basket


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4 months ago Posted on Expondo Poland

Product: EX10260009 | Model: STAR_BIN_03 Automatic bin 50 l

Large basket for 60 liter bags. The sensor detects hand or waste from 20-30 cm and quickly opens the cover vertically. The opening time is shown on the display, the lid closes after 8 seconds. The body is made of stainless or chrome-plated sheet metal, very smooth inside, which makes it very easy to pull out the filled bag. The lower part of the cover mechanism is chrome-plated, so it is easy to keep it clean if it gets dirty with debris. The gear that drives the cover is carefully covered, so debris does not get into the gears. Compared to the 3 previous baskets I had, this one looks and functions great and I hope it will serve me for the next few years. Delivery within 3 days, the basket was carefully packed in a cardboard box with Styrofoam inserts and arrived without any damage. The chrome or stainless steel casing of the basket looks impressive and aesthetically improves the appearance of the kitchen. The large capacity allows for emptying up to a week, provided that other waste is segregated and placed in separate containers. To sum up, I am very pleased with this basket and I wholeheartedly recommend it to other customers.

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4 months ago Posted on Expondo Romania

Dustbin with sensor

Super happy with the product and it fits perfectly in my kitchen. I recommend it

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5 months ago Posted on Expondo France

Automatic trash can

Hello, I placed an order for an automatic trash can but I don't know if that was taken into account? Can you kindly confirm my purchase?

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10 months ago Posted on Expondo Denmark

Works perfectly

No comment provided.

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last year Posted on Expondo Slovakia

ok product

well, I already have 3 baskets, you have mono-cell batteries in the offer, but this type has TUŠK batteries, it depends on which one you buy, I prefer high-quality ones so that they last longer when open or the basket spins even when walking around it, I had a basket with mono-cells, it lasted for more than two years for one set of batteries, but the handle broke because someone closed the basket by hand outside the interval and the handle broke in such a place that it could not even be glued.

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Denmark


Totally Super 5 stars

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Sweden

Love it

Fantastic trash can. Smooth ordering and delivery. Very happy with the whole experience.

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Austria


Works great, a real relief in the kitchen!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the range of the sensor?

The motion sensor has a range of approx.. 30 cm.

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