Grease Trap

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Professional chefs will know that the build-up and disposal of grease and fats is a day-to-day reality in any busy kitchen, and it’s certainly not everyone’s favourite task! Luckily, the culinary experts at Royal Catering have designed a safe, quick and hygienic way to collect and remove waste such as grease and fats. Suitable for all kinds of kitchens, the robust stainless steel grease trap from Royal Catering offers you a discrete and compact way to store fats before disposal.


Our spacious grease trap ensures long-lasting hygiene in your kitchen

- Suits all kinds of kitchens - For use with commercial dishwasher - Made of robust stainless steel - High capacity: Up to 40 litres - Wide drain valve - Easy to clean

The build-up of grease and fats happens in all professional kitchens, not just in take-away restaurants. And it’s vital that this waste is not only safely stored but regularly removed from your kitchen in the correct way. For any kitchen using a commercial dishwasher, a grease trap is an important addition to your hygiene supplies! Disposing of fat can be a cumbersome task. Luckily, the Royal Catering grease traps from our wide range of culinary equipment, will help you to quickly remove excess grease in a safe and discrete manner. The Royal Catering grease trap boasts an impressive capacity of up to 40 litres of wastewater, animal or vegetable fats, and oils. Despite its high capacity, the Royal Catering grease trap in conveniently compact, and can even be installed in small kitchens. Securely store your grease trap under the sink or in another discrete location, out of view of your guests and out of the way of your workspace. All kitchen-owners know that it’s important to handle fats and other flammable substance with care. Luckily, our stainless steel grease trap is safe and easy to use. The mesh basket and practical drain tap ensure that this can be done in a few easy steps. First, the fine-meshed basket on the inside catches grease and debris, which can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. The remaining fats and grease below can then be removed separately using the tap. The drain tap also is clearly marked with ‘on’ and ‘off’ setting, so that you can always see whether the tap has already been opened or closed. The tap also features a broad valve system to minimize the risk of blockage. The grease valve is made with robust stainless steel – our tops choice for kitchens – making it sturdy, strong and long lasting. The secure lid of the grease valve with its four practical snap fasteners prevent dangerous spillages in your workspace, and also protects your kitchen area from unpleasant odours.

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- Hygienic choice for kitchens - Lightweight - Strong and long lasting - Elegant and modern - Wipe-clean

As we mentioned, we’re big fans of stainless steel here at Expondo when it comes to both furniture and cooking gadgets. Stainless steel is both sturdy and lightweight, making it strong and long-lasting but also easy to carry, manoeuvre and install. It’s also easy to clean and resistant to dents, scrapes and even rust. As well as this, stainless steel has a modern, minimal finish that fits well with a wide range of decors for hotels, kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas. Take a look at our stainless steel cabinets – adjustable, easy to install and available in a range of sizes. Also featured in our range of stainless steel furniture are some amazing modern hygiene supplies to keep you kitchen free of bacteria. Our hand soap dispensers, towel dispensers, and hand dryers are all wipe clean with smooth surfaces so they can be easily sanitised. We’re even reducing the need to touch surfaces with automatic sensors and our knee contact hand basins. Our cheapest hand basin is ideal for all kitchens, and features a tall, three-side upstand to reduce splashes on walls and surfaces. You’ll also find our stainless steel trolleys – ideal for kitchens, dining halls, catering companies and hotels. These robust, smooth operating trolleys will add a touch of class to any service. Even outside of the kitchen, we’re big fans of stainless steel. See for example, our selection of industrial equipment featuring a range of hygienic stainless steel covered scales from for use in kitchens, labs, medical spaces and more. Even in our range of professional tools, you’ll find stainless steel bud trimmers, foot stools and more!