Guarantee Conditions

In addition to your legal defect-related rights, we also provide a three-year guarantee for new products from the brands Goldbrunn, MSW Motor Technics, Physa, Royal Catering, StaMony, Stamos Soldering, Stamos Welding, Steinberg Systems, Ulsonix and Welbach, which are advertised accordingly. The warranty period begins on the payment date, and covers the whole of Europe. In the case that any material or production defects are identified during this time, we can guarantee you within the guarantee period with one of the following services, subject to our preference:

  • Free delivery of the appropriate replacement part or
  • Free reparation of the product or
  • Free replacement of the product with one of equivalent value (if necessary also a succeeding model, provided the original product is no longer usable).


There are no further claims under this guarantee. In particular, there are no claims concerning damage reimbursement and especially none concerning consequential damage.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, the guarantors, should you have any guarantee claim:

expondo GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 54
10179 Berlin

Tel.: +44 20 376 988 02


The product is to be returned to the following address:

expondo GmbH - c/o Plischka Int. Spedition GmbH
Müllroser Chaussee 76d
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

The guarantee is applicable to all components inside the housing of our devices. It does not comprise the housing and its outer components or its connecting parts. What the guarantee also does not comprise are accessories which are not to be used inside the housing. Moreover, these warranty conditions do not apply for wear parts or damages caused by improper use, non-compliance with the manuals, autonomous repairs and atmospheric agents.

Upon requesting the warranty service, you will be required to allow us to examine the warranty claim by returning the product, after prior contact with us. The client is required to cover the shipping costs to expondo GmbH - c/o Plischka Int. Spedition GmbH, as well as any transport damage that might occur. The return costs from expondo GmbH - c/o Plischka Int. Spedition GmbH to the provided delivery address will be covered by us.



Your legal rights arising from your purchase agreement with us are not restricted by this guarantee in any way. In particular, any current legal warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee. If the purchased item is defective, then you have the possibility during the course of the legal guarantee, to appeal to us, regardless of whether a guarantee claim has already been made or the guarantee is already active.

(Valid since the order date on the 24.07.2017)

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