Bud Trimmer - Electric

Item number: EX10090007 / Model: HT-HOWSON-18TE

Bud Trimmer - Electric

  • Item number: EX10090007
  • Model: HT-HOWSON-18TE
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Bud Trimmer - Electric


  • Powerful 120 watts engine
  • Adjustable, 3-level rotation speed up to 1500 r/min
  • 8 branches in 2 sizes, with rubber distributors
  • Inclination up to 180°
  • 2 removable safety nets in different sizes
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction

Key facts

Bud Trimmer - Electric

Anyone who deals with their own garden or professionally works with gardens and green spaces, requires excellent equipment to perform all the necessary work. If you need to separate buds from stems or if you produce herbal oils or pot-pourris - then you should do this with the HT-HOWSON-18TE bud trimmer from Hillvert. The bud trimmer is also perfectly suited for shredding leaves and small branches.

For the perfect cut - the Hillvert bud trimmers


The bud trimmer is equipped with a 120 watts electrical engine, enabling you to effectively shred, trim, cut and process of plants within a short time. Its high performance allows for you to process even larger quantities. This is furthered by the opening of about 42 centimetres (18”) in diameter. The engine works very reliably and requires little maintenance.


There are three rotational speeds of 1000, 1250 and 1500 rotations per minute, which can be easily set using a rotary knob. You are able to adjust the speed to suit your specific requirements. Level 1 is suitable for sensitive flowers, while level 3, with 1500 rpm, is better suited for shredding twigs.


Eight rotating branches with 28 non-stick fingers enable the bud trimmer to effectively process all plant parts. To ensure that all the plant material passes through the grid into the containers, the machine has been designed to use 4 longer and 4 shorter rotating arms. The grid is non-stick coated, so that the plants are not unnecessarily damaged during processing.


In order to operate the trimmer comfortably, it can be tilted by 180 and is equipped with handles at the side. This makes for a simpler operation and cleaning. The casing is made of high-quality stainless steel, ideally suited for food processing. In addition, this material is very durable. For transportation, the machine can be disassembled in a few simple steps, and the robust casing protects it from damage.


For taking in the plant material, the machine is equipped with two removable bags of different sizes, made of close-meshed net fabric. They can be safely attached to the device so that no leaves or fruit fall to the ground. After use, the bags can be cleaned and stowed easily and quickly. There is an automatic valve and you can open the door during trimming. This allows for a continuous trimming without turning the device off and on again.


For a comfortable operation, the bud trimmer is height-adjustable and can be adjusted to your individual body size. In addition, the height can be varied on both sides, so that the machine is safe and stable, also on uneven ground. Additional safety is provided by the high external walls. The rotating blades are safely separated by the grid. Also, the on/off switch is clearly visible and mounted in a way so that it cannot be accidentally turned on.


Three straight stainless steel blades are able to execute any kind of work reliably: e.g. fine shredding of plants, clean cuts without damaging individual plant parts, clean separation of the buds from the branches. For ideal cutting results, the height of the blades can be adjusted with a hexagonal wrench.


Hillvert bud trimmers are very versatile and can handle a wide variety of plant processing tasks. They are especially suitable for processing hemp plants, used for fabricating a wide array of products, be it hemp textiles, hemp oils or harvested cannabis leaves.

Item number
Material, casing
Stainless steel
Material, blades
Stainless steel
Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
120 W
Rotating speed
1.000 – 1.500 r/min
Type of blade
Number of blades
Removable blades
Diameter, container
420 mm (18”)
Distance between the blades and the grid, adjustable
5 - 15 mm
Number, branches with dispensers
8 (4 long, 4 short)
Sound volume
70 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH)
65 x 72.5 x 97 cm
10.9 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
52 x 48 x 42 cm
Shipping weight
16.3 kg
  • Bud trimmer HT-HOWSON-18TE
  • Rotatable branches with rubber fingers
  • Bag for leaves
  • Bag for buds
  • Mounting equipment
  • Instruction manual