Factory second Air Ratchet

Item number: EX20060423 / Model: MSW-ARW3/8

Factory second Air Ratchet

  • Item number: EX20060423
  • Model: MSW-ARW3/8
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Factory second Air Ratchet

Highlights & Key Facts


  • includes an automatic oil function for a quick maintenance
  • high torque of 85 Newton meters
  • adjustable speed controller with 4 levels
  • powerful 180 revolutions per minute
  • adjustable exhaust deflector (to 360 degrees)

Key facts

Discount: 20% Air Ratchet The air ratchet MSW-ARW3/8 is a professional tool for tightening or loosening screw connections, and is particularly useful for vehicle repairs. This powerful...More information


Discount: 20%

Air Ratchet

The air ratchet MSW-ARW3/8 is a professional tool for tightening or loosening screw connections, and is particularly useful for vehicle repairs. This powerful device offers high torque value, thereby ensuring you can work quickly and effectively. Whether hobbyist or professional, the electric power tools, drills & screws from MSW enrich every workshop.

Small, compact, strong - the MSW-AN16G air ratchet


Included in the delivery is an automatic mini oiler with a separate oil container, for storing the lubricant. The mini oiler can be attached to the device with just a few hand movements, and it automatically ensures the lubrication process. As a result, the air ratchet not only remains intact for a long time, but it will also keep delivering high quality results.


This air ratchet offers a particularly effective torque of 85 Newton meters revolution power, which makes the device highly performant. Even complicated and extremely resistant bolt connections can be quickly and effectively detached or tightened with this device. So, the air ratchet can be particularly useful in those cases where manual force or tools do not suffice.


On the back of the device there is an adjustable regulator, with which you can adjust both the rotation speed and the air consumption between four different levels. Accordingly, this appliance can be used in a resource-saving manner for special operations. What is more, the convenient positioning of the automatic controller ensures that the number of revolutions cannot be accidentally changed during use.


The ratchet screwdriver can reach a speed of up to 180 revolutions per minute, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the equipment is characterised by its particularly low air consumption of only 113 litres per minute, thereby reducing both the number of necessary resources and the operating cost.


By means of the integrated exhaust deflector, any excess compressed air will be emitted towards the exterior, whereby the deflector can be adjusted around 360 degrees, should you need to. This has two main advantages: One, that the emitted air can be kept away from the work surface, and two, that the air output will not hurt or hinder the user. The ratchet screwdriver is therefore an equipment that meets high safety standards.


The handle is fitted with a rubberised coating, enabling you to safely handle the device. Even damp hands will safely remain on the anti-slip rubber surface, just like the device will maintain its position. The professional ratchet screwdriver consequently reduces potential injury risks to a minimum.

Versatile! - Screw in or loosen screws in an instant


Practical as well: The air ratchet has been provided with a special switch on the top part, by means of which you can select a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. That's how with only this one tool, a wide range of screws can be both loosened or screwed in. This way, you can use this multi-functional device with high flexibility to suit your needs.


All in all, this device impresses with its robust and handy design: With its high-quality processed materials, its compact dimensions of only 5.1 x 4.8 x 31 cm and its low weight of only 1.25 kg, the MSW-ARW3/8 air ratchet from MSW guarantees easy and efficient operation for a very long time.

Technical Details

Factory second
Max. number of revolutions
180 RPM
Square drive
3/8 "
Operating pressure max.
6.3 bar
Air consumption
113 l/min
Air inlet connection
Max. torque value
85 Nm
Sound power level LWA
98 dB (A) uncertainty K = 3 dB (A)
Sound pressure level LPA
87 dB (A) uncertainty K = 3 dB (A)
Vibration emission value            
4.35 m/s2 uncertainty K = 1.5 m/s2
Dimensions (LxWxH):
5.5 x 5 x 27.6 cm
1.2 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
34 x 7 x 6 cm
Shipping weight
1.5 kg

Delivery Package

  • Air ratchet MSW-ARW3 / 8
  • Quick link
  • Pressurised air oiler
  • Bottle for oil
  • Operating instructions