Factory seconds Manual Drain Cleaner - Spiral 7,5 m long

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Discount: 15% With the Drain Clean 7.6 plumbing snake from MSW, heavily clogged toilets,...More information

Discount: 15%

With the Drain Clean 7.6 plumbing snake from MSW, heavily clogged toilets, drainpipes as well as any other pipe systems, such as sinks and bathtubs are easy to unblock. It is not a problem whether you use the hand pipe cleaners as a plumber, professional channel cleaning company or private person. The robust cleaning coil with a length of 7.5 m clean thanks to the locking mechanism also extremely stubborn clogged parts with leg drills, so again easily drain the water and everything can be used correctly.

The plumbing snake drain clean 7.6 impresses with its non-slip plastic handle i and its compact and practical design. With the help of the handy crank easy and quick work is guaranteed. In addition to good practicality and [01] usability for both left and right hand user [02], the application of [03] operation is made easier with a cordless screwdriver [04] is also provided, which [05] [06] when removing dirt and hair Is helpful.

Easy and effective insertion of the plumbing snake, as diameter of 12.5 mm , the head a diameter of 29 mm, passes with all standard pipes. It will fit in any conventional drain pipes with a diameter of 20-75 mm. The cleaning shaft has a total length of 7.5 m and in the pipe is extended with the help of the hand crank mechanism. Thus, it is ideal for pipes of different length.

The force of the cleaning coil generated by the rotation of the hand crank ensures that even stubborn blockages can be thoroughly removed. Particularly noteworthy is the locking mechanism of spiral, which when the cranks only spiral head is rotated and therefore also heavily clogged the pipe system can be cleaned easily.

A three-layer mixed-core cable ensures that the spiral is neither knotted nor twisted, making it more durable and uncomplicated to use. The spiral is made of durable material, which can also be used without problems in wet environments. In addition, you also save on the use of chemicals, therefore prevent corrosion and help the environment.

Model MSW-drain clean 7.6
Article number 6352
Condition New
Diameter spiral 8 mm
Diameter leg drills 14 mm
Length spiral 7,5 m
Possible pipe diameter 20-75 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 21,00 x 21,00 x 40,00 cm
Weight 3,00 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 18,50 x 18,50 x 38,50 cm
Shipping weight 3,30 kg
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