Off-road rope winch - 3.500 lbs - 1,587 kg - 3-step planetary gear

Item number: EX10060023 / Model: PROPULLATOR 3500-PRO

Off-road rope winch - 3.500 lbs - 1,587 kg - 3-step planetary gear

  • Item number: EX10060023
  • Model: PROPULLATOR 3500-PRO
  • In the product range since: 2008

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Off-road rope winch - 3.500 lbs - 1,587 kg - 3-step planetary gear


  • Electrical winch
  • Traction of 3,500 lbs / 1,587 kg
  • High-powered 1.5 PS engine
  • Robust Steel rope with a diameter of 5.5 mm and 15.2 m length
  • Incl. complete equipment (mounting plate, pulley, reel opening etc.)

Key facts

Off-road rope winch - 3.500 lbs - 1,587 kg - 3-step planetary gear

The inexpensive off-road winch PROPULLATOR 3500-PRO from MSW has been designed for professional use. It is suitable for all kinds of quads and ATVs and can also be mounted onto trailers and tractors. The winch comes with the usual crafting supplies and requires no additional purchases.

Please note: all pictures with the winch mounted on the off-road vehicle refer to model 10060667. This is just a suggestion of use. Choose a product that suits your needs.

A must for every pro


The off-road winch has a 3-step planetary gearbox and has a maximum pulling force of 3,500 lbs / 1,587 kg. This high traction is achieved by a gear ratio of 198:1 and a 1.5 PS engine. 3 consecutive stages reduce engine wear and provide a constant torque.


In addition to the flow and return, the transmission also has a manual clutch for a quick free run of the rope. You can unroll the winch quickly by hand to get started with your actual work. An automatic brake that is integrated into the drum safely interrupts the pulling process or the power supply and stops the load.


A tension-free 15.2 m steel rope enables recovery in complicated situations. The steel rope has a diameter of 5.5 mm and is stable and light at the same time. The supplied tempered steel hook can be attached to the end of the rope.


The drum has a width of 76.5 mm. The perfect rope guidance is ensured by a stable 4-roll rope window, which is mounted on the winch. In addition to the tempered steel hook, there is also a pulley with two movable turntables included in delivery. This makes it possible, if needed, to double the traction.


With it light weight of approx. 12 kg, the off-road rope winch PROPULLATOR 3500-PRO can be easily used with small quads and other vehicles. You can tow cars as well as using it for other off-road activities. For mounting the winch onto vehicles and other smooth surfaces, a mounting plate with matching perforation spacing is included in delivery.


Connection cables as well as a wired remote control and a wireless remote control are also included. The latter allows a smooth operation from a distance of up to 25 m, so you can stay at a safe distance and operate the electric winch PROPULLATOR 3500-PRO.


The off-road winch has a longer battery life through reduced power consumption with an identical performance. There is a cooling system installed on the front of the winch, which counteracts overheating and increases the service life of the engine.

Item number
Max traction
3.500 lbs / 1,587 kg
12 V / 1.5 PS
Wired remote control + wireless remote control
3-Step planetary gear
Gear ratio
180° clutch
Rope guide    
4 reel openings
2 automatic (integrated into the drum)
Diameter, steel rope
5.5 mm
Length, steel rope
15.2 m
Drum size
Ø 50 mm x 76.5 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
34.5 x 19 x 14 cm
12.05 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
41 x 26 x 23 cm
Shipping weight
12.7 kg

Traction speed and ampere consumption at a given loading
> Propullator 3500-A

Pull speed

*Mpm = Meters per minute

High performance thanks to 1.5 hp motor


Up to 1,587 kg (3,500 lbs) pulling force


Ideal for vehicles, trailers, boats, wagons, etc.

Torsion-resistant 15.2 metre-long cable with hook

Practical remote control with a range of up to 25 m

Tested by Roman Wasik, owner of the Expert Driving Academy, a driver education and training centre.

4-way reel opening prevents cable from breaking

High speed, up to 4.9 m/min (without load)


Power control with a reduction factor of 198:1


Control the winch from inside or outside the vehicle


It's very important to make sure that the winch is correctly fastened to the vehicle. This improves efficiency and safety.

I always wear gloves when using the winch, and secure the cable with a special muffler.

2 directions

2 gears: Select the optimal winding method


Automatic brake, overheat and overload protection


Rain-, snow- and dirt-repellent housing


Remote control

MSW offers a wide selection of automotive and skilled trade equipment for nearly every area of application. Discover the variety of our product portfolio with our videos, and see these professional tools in action!

Owner of Expert Driving Academy

expert review

Review by Roman Wasik, expondo expert (31.01.2019)


The cable winches from MSW stand out above all for their solid workmanship. There is an obvious difference between these products and those of other brands from Chinese manufacturers. Combined with their attractive price and broad selection of models for different uses, these are really something special on the market. These cable winches are great not only for private use, but also in the energy sector or the military. I could see MSW winches being used for field driving training in these sectors, among other things. This type of training is a real test of strength and endurance for these kinds of products, but I'm positive that the MSW winches would not disappoint!

Can the rope be pulled from the drum manually to work faster?

Yes, due to the manual coupling, the rope can also be rolled and unrolled by hand.

How do I wire the winch to the control box?

The instruction manual explains in detail how to wire the control box before operation.

  • Electric winch PROPULLATOR 3500-PRO
  • Hook
  • 4 reel openings
  • Snatch Block Pulley
  • Mounting plate
  • Connection cable and control box
  • Wired remote control
  • Remote control
  • Instruction manual