Tooth Model - Diseased Molar

Item number: EX10040250 / Model: PHY-TM-1

Tooth Model - Diseased Molar
Tooth Model - Diseased Molar
Tooth Model - Diseased Molar
Tooth Model - Diseased Molar

Tooth Model - Diseased Molar

  • Item number: EX10040250
  • Model: PHY-TM-1
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Tooth Model - Diseased Molar


  • Molar model with various diseases
  • Indispensable in any dental practice
  • Highly-detailed 3D model
  • Medically-accurate reproduction
  • Scale 6:1 to life-size
  • Save time – no assembly required!

Key facts

Tooth Model - Diseased Molar

The tooth model PHY-TM-1 is a 3D medical model of a human molar on an enlarged scale. The plastic model offers a detailed view of the tooth structure, as well as depicting typical pathologies. The tooth model can be used for visualisation and teaching in hospitals, doctor's clinics, schools and universities.

The molar and its pathologies


The tooth model is manufactured on an enlarged scale and presents the human molar in the dimensions 60 x 45 x 110 mm. This handy size guarantees easy handling and use, making this model perfect for use as a teaching aid in the areas of medicine and education.


As a medically-accurate model, this 3D molar is indispensable for any dental practice. The outer anatomical structure of the tooth can be vividly visualised, as can the essential functions. Dentists can use this model to quickly and easily explain important information to their patients.


This model is a highly-detailed 3D replica of the human molar. All components of the tooth are carefully reproduced, allowing exact analysis of the dental bone and nerve systems.


The tooth model offers an accurate representation of the human molar in 6:1 scale. The three areas of the dental crown, tooth neck and root are also shown on the model, as are the interior structures of the dentin and pulp. Nerves and blood vessels are also realistically depicted, as well as infection by typical diseases, including caries or pulpitis.


This tooth model requires no assembly and is ready to use immediately. The reproduction of the human molar is already fully assembled and is mounted on a sturdy stand that ensures the stability of the 3D model. Save valuable time with this practical medical model.

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7.9 x 13.8 x 12 cm
0.2 kg
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16 x 13 x 13 cm
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0.26 kg

Is the molar model difficult to put together?

Save valuable time with this molar model! The model is delivered fully assembled , so there is no assembly required.

How should I clean the tooth model?

To clean the molar model, simply wipe it down with a moist cloth or sponge and some cleaning agent.

  • Tooth Model PHY-TM-1