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Whether you are working in the auto-trade, specialising in servicing and repairs, or even an auto-enthusiast, there’s no denying that a professional polishing job adds a stunning finishing touch to your vehicle. Our polisher options from the experts at MSW are not only ideal for caring for cars and boats, but are also suitable for processing, waxing and sealing wood, metal, natural stone, and plastics: An intuitive and versatile polishing solution, with professional results!

Get a professional, flawless finish every time with an MSW polisher

Even suitable for beginners, the MSW Polisher and combined Burnishing and Polishing Machine from our selection of craft supplies can be operated by professionals and home-users alike. Whether you specialise in trading, repairing or even collecting vehicles, an intuitive, professional polishing device will go a long way to showing your customers and peers that you care. For craft professionals working in a workshop or construction site, these diverse, handheld machines can even be used for a wide range of grinding and sanding tasks, for instance when working with metals or stone in renovations, furniture-making or landscaping. The MSW-PSM 800 is a combined burnishing and polishing device that will make even scratched surfaces shine like new. Select between six speeds to sand, buff, grind, and level while removing unwanted irregularities. Slower speed options make this energy-saving device a great learning option for beginners. The dual-action machine is also suitable for various grinding jobs. Quickly switch functions using the wrench provided. From here you can choose between micro, dry, fine and coarse grinding, allowing the machine to double up as a sanding polisher for craft and art work as well as traditional automotive varnishing and polishing. Professionals working in construction and craft, and even DIY enthusiast may also wish to check out our full range of burnishing machines for use on wood, metal, stone and acrylic materials. Our second automotive polishing device is the MSW Polisher 800, which is delivered with an extra handle for ease of use by both right and left handed users. Once again, this polisher can be used to work with a wide range of surfaces as well as automobiles.

Tackle the Task at Hand

At Expondo, we love versatility. But we also know that sometimes a specialist task requires a specialist tool. In our full range of power tools, you can find what you need for the task at hand. For example, our wet stone polisher, ideal for stone works in granite and marble. With its adjustable settings and internal water system, you can finely adjust the device according to the task, conditions and of course the rock type. To compliment your wet stone polisher, we also supply a separate selection of seven diverse polishing pads, which can be adjusted as needed. In our full range of welders, you’ll find a diverse selection of TIG welders, MIG MAG welders and plasma cutters for home and professional use, as well as a selection of welding accessories such as our set of replacement fillet welding discs, sold separately. Precision is everything, especially when it comes to working with precious or hazardous materials in the laboratory or workshop. If you’re looking to invest in highly accurate scales, lifting magnets and ultrasonic cleaners, then look no further than our range of industrial equipment. Finally, they say the cooking is a science all of its own. If you’re upgrading your catering equipment for your restaurant, hotel or catering business, we’ve got a wide range of long-lasting stainless steel furniture and ingenious cutting and mixing gadgets, as well as a huge selection of cooking and cooling devices to keep every ingredient and dish cooked to perfection and served at the right temperature. Whatever your hobby or profession, we’ve got you covered at Expondo.