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Insulation and polystyrene cutters for your building company

Pro Bauteam is a German company of long standing and an innovative expert in insulation and polystyrene cutters. Our products are characterised by high cutting precision, incredible robustness and ease of use. Thanks to these characteristics, and to our unbeatable prices, these machines and their accessories are an excellent choice for any business active in the construction industry.

Ease and stability for the perfect cut

Insulation and foam cutters should be used with blades or hot wire cutters in order to cut rope, building materials or polystyrene efficiently and professionally. Pro Bauteam has the right tool for every field of application: In addition to stationary hot wire cutters like the Easycutter, our assortment includes mobile tools such as the Styrocutter or heat cutters with specialised blades and accessories.

The polystyrene foam cutter Styrocutter is ideal for jobs that demand precise detail work. The lightweight tool with blades perfectly complements the large floor-mounted appliance. The sleek design guarantees excellent accessibility even in restricted spaces. This allows you to determine the range of application using the accessories. For example, you can use a blind hole slider to cut exact openings for installing assembly cylinders in insulated facades. With socket cutters or semi-circular and angular blades for cutting out cable and pipe penetrations in rigid foam panels, you can perform all common tasks on a construction site quickly and accurately.

Quality and innovation for your success!

In addition to innovative solutions for the modern construction industry, Pro Bauteam also stands for quality. All our products, from hot wire cutters to polystyrene cutters to the corresponding accessories, are manufactured in international production facilities which meet the high quality standards of the European market. Rigorous inspections from the start of production through shipping guarantee the excellent quality standards of this traditional company and the extreme precision and durability of our products.