Polystyrene Cutter Alucutter 3-in-1 - 200 W + Handheld Styrofoam Cutter - 250 W

Item number: EX10210041 / Model: ALUCUTTER 3IN1 V2 TRANS

Polystyrene Cutter Alucutter 3-in-1 - 200 W + Handheld Styrofoam Cutter - 250 W

  • Item number: EX10210041
  • In the product range since: 2019

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  • Expand your possibilities with the handheld styrofoam cutter
  • Multifunctional - make straight cuts, precise corners and rafter cuts
  • Effective - long and deep cutting wires for long cuts and corners
  • Solid - lightweight aluminium construction is highly stable
  • Powerful - 200 W transformer with 37 V for brief heat-up times
  • Weatherproof - protection class IP68 enables you to work even in adverse conditions

Key facts

The versatile Alucutter 3-in-1 polystyrene cutter

Cut hard foams such as styrofoam or polystyrene sheets accurately to the millimetre with the polystyrene cutter Alucutter 3-in-1. You can use it to cut corners or rafters by using a second cutting wire. The Alucutter is complemented by a handheld styrofoam cutter which you can use to flexibly cut details in your insulation materials.

You can precisely tailor even corners and angles with the polystyrene cutter


The hot wire cutter can effortlessly cut even large sheets of insulation with a cutting length of 1,310 mm and a cut depth of up to 330 mm. The side support prevents large hard foam sheets from slipping. An adjustable angle display enables you to make cuts between 0 and 45 degrees. With a second cutting wire, you can also precisely cut corners and slopes. The foam cutting tool's depth stop and bracket guarantee that the material fits levelly and securely even when cutting at a slant. The styrocutter is equipped with a pre-installed stop which helps you to quickly and precisely repeat the same cuts again and again.


The powerful 200 W transformer heats up the cutting wire in just a few seconds and guarantees continuous use, when needed. When cutting, the wire glides effortlessly along the guide rail through the insulation material, enabling you to make straight, smooth and clean cuts without frustration. The transformer meets protection class IP68 and is waterproof, making it possible to use this power tool outdoors.


A fold-out foot and frame bracket are integrated into this professional polystyrene cutter, giving the styrofoam cutter stability at any jobsite or on any scaffold, and can be set up in just a few steps.

Flexible cutting with the handheld styrofoam cutter from Pro Bauteam


The styrocutter brings the material at the cut point to the melting point, creating an exact slice through the material. The handheld styrofoam cutter's cut temperature can be set in 16 stages up to 500 °C, while the powerful transformer ensures a rapid heat-up time of between 5 and 10 seconds. You can use different blades depending on the task at hand, whether you are making straight cuts, notches or holes for power outlets.

Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
37 V / 200 W
Cutting length, main wire
1,310 mm
Cut depth, main wire
330 mm
Cutting length, corner
300 mm
Cut depth, corner
520 mm
Adjustable angle display
0 - 45°
Protection class
Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
250 W
Heating time
5 - 10 s
Duty Cycle
15 s operation / 45 s break
Cutting temperature
200 - 500 °C / adjustable in 16 stages
Max. cut depth
250 mm
Cable length
3 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
127.5 x 95 x 192 cm
15.3 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
170 x 43 x 21 cm
Shipping weight
21.5 kg

Can I also use this device outside?

Yes, the transformer is protected from splashes with protection class IP68, and the Alucutter itself is impervious to harsh working conditions thanks to its robust design.

What is the corner cutter used for?

You can use the corner cutter to cut insulation material to fit rafters. The angle of the rafter can be transferred to the corner cutter with ease.

  • Polystyrene cutter Alucutter 3-in-1 ALUCUTTER 3IN1 V1 TRANS
  • Corner cutter
  • Transformer 200 W / 37 V / 230 V
  • Instruction manual
  • Foam cutter STYRO CUTTER PBT02
  • Power cable with euro plug (3 m)
  • Allen key
  • Cleaning brush
  • Straight blade - 250 mm
  • Straight blade - 200 mm
  • Groove cutter blade - square (length: 85 mm, width: 35 mm)
  • Tape measure - 3 m
  • Marker
  • Transport case

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