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When you offer a service, whether you’re mending phones, sculpting statues, repairing motorbikes, or refurbishing houses, professional is the name of the game. You want every inch of your business to be of high quality, from friendly service right down to the last bolt and nail. Investing in professional tools is one ways to ensure that you not only achieve great results, but that your staff can operate more safely and efficiently. Wherever you work, or indeed for your home, there are dozens of reasons why we trust expert names like Stamos and MSW in the Expondo range.

Professional Tools for your Business or Home

Our range of quality professional tools are suitable across countless tasks and industries. For professionals working in construction and craft, we offer a wide range of sanders, rotary hammers and more. For plumbers and custodial professionals our selection of drainage tools are useful, indoors and out. When it comes to repairs, we’ve got you covered from our LCD separators for the most delicate mobile screen fixes to jacks and lifts for mending motorbikes and trucks. In our range of professional tools, we also stock a wide selection of welders, plasma cutters and welding accessories for those of you in the industry. And for DYI enthusiasts, rest assured we have plenty of safe and intuitive devices for beginners. No matter which professional tools you’re investing in, we guarantee that we choose devices built with safety and durability in mind - designed with long-lasting materials such as stainless steel. Fitted with ergonomic handling and a variety of safety features, our devices have been tested for results and safety, and to provide comfortable use over time. Take our range of welding tools for example. Choose between a selection of TIG and MIG/MAG welders, as well as plasma cutters for cutting, manipulating, and joining a wide range of metals – perfect for professionals working in construction, sculpting and the automotive industry. For safety, each of our welding tools from the experts at Stamos Germany features over heating signals as well as high-quality ventilation systems. Speaking of safely, we also stock a range of heavy duty welding helmets to protect your vision and ensure precision while you work.

When you want the job done right!

When you invest in professional tools, you expect an efficient device with powerful results. We have. A wide range of power tools with high output such as our rotary hammers which reach 2300 beats per minute and our efficient chain hoist which can lift up to 3000kg. For more lifting solutions, check out our full range of road winches and hoists – ideal for professionals working in agriculture, auto-repairs and roadside services. Our off-road winches from the craft supplies experts at MSW have a traction force of up to 6124kg – that’s powerful enough to pull the weight of jeeps, cars, trailers, and a wide range of agricultural machinery. Speaking of vehicles, we know that the heart of many businesses and homes. To keep your car, motorbike or professional tools safe, take a look at our range of stylish and robust garage doors. Available in range of classic wood and metal finishes, our insulated garage doors protect your possessions from theft and the elements, making your investments secure. Don’t forget we cater for professions away from the garage or construction site too. For caterers, butchers, and restaurant owners, our renowned range of catering equipment features everything from storage and display solutions to ingenious gadgets for cutting, prepping, cooking, and serving. And for professionals working in labs, medical facilities and jewellers, our range of professional industrial supplies features precision scales, lifting magnets, and melting furnaces. Whatever your profession, you’re only a click away from equipping your staff with safe, efficient, and versatile professional tools.