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A helping hand with a reliable rollator

Whatever mobility difficulties you may be experiencing, they certainly don’t mean that life has to slow down, or that your favourite activities have to come to a complete stop. Our new range of rollators from the mobility experts at Uniprodo offer a versatile solution to all your transportation and physical support needs – whether you are unable to walk unassisted, looking for a reliable addition to your nursing home or hospital equipment, or searching for a helpful companion for an ederly loved one

A product you can lean on

  • Transportation and support for walking difficulties
  • Versatile – can act as a walker or wheelchair
  • Sturdy, reliable and durable
  • Sleek and comfortable

Perhaps you need a product that you can lean on when getting from A to B, or an all in one support solution to transport you around the hospital, medical centre, nursing home or house – whatever your destination, our versatile rollators are interchangeable, acting as a walker or wheelchair depending on your needs. Take a look at our dynamic 2 in 1 rollator to see what we’re talking about. And of course, like many of our wide range of medical supplies for personal or professional use, our rollators are sturdy, reliable and super durable, holding a weight of up to 136kg. Comfort is also greatly emphasised in our range of rollators as we understand the challenges of those with mobility difficulties. We empathise with the fact that they can unfortunately create some pain and discomfort for those experiencing them. That is why each of our rollators features ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold, a very secure seat, backrest and footrests, to ensure that your whole body is protected when on the move. This means that no matter how short or long the distance, it will be a very pleasant experience for the passenger. Pair it with one of our small electric blankets from our homeware section and you’ve got yourself a very comfortable ride indeed! If you are searching for similar products for that extra added comfort, take a look at our range of massage and wellness equipment for your self-care needs, featuring such items as our massage pillow for neck pain or our massage table for full body pain relief.

You are wheelie gonna want one of these...

  • Adjustable height – compact & easily stored
  • Lightweight, foldable and easily portable
  • Features a space for a bag and walking stick
  • Optimum safety and quality guaranteed
  • Large manoeuvrable wheels

Our rollators are truly a product for the needs of the individual – its easily adjustable height of between 85.5 and 98 centimeters ensures a healthy and comfortable posture for the user. The aluminium make up of our rollators means that they are lightweight, foldable, and can be easily transported and stored – so you can bring them in the car, to the shops, on holiday or on public transport without any trouble. Better yet, this modern rollator is equipped with a very useful storage space for a shopping bag and a holder for a walking stick, making your tasks both in and out of the house just that bit easier. If you would like a sleek and simple accessory for your rollator, then check out our range of large rollator bags to store all your necessities on the go. To top it off, our reliable range of rollators guarantee optimum safety for each passenger. The four large wheels are slip-resistant and made out of thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which makes them secure, quiet on floors and easy to manoeuvre – so you can quickly and safely turn corners at ease! Also featuring a secure brake for periods of rest, and reflectors on each wheel, our rollators wheelie are a product you can depend upon! Don’t forget to check out our full Expondo catalogue, which boasts a wide range of products for all your needs, whether personal, professional or both – like our catering equipment for hotels and restaurants or our anatomy models for classrooms and doctor’s offices. Don’t miss out!