Commercial Fryer - 16 litres - 6,000 W - drain tap - cold zone

Item number: EX10011172 / Model: RCEF-16EHB

Commercial Fryer - 16 litres - 6,000 W - drain tap - cold zone

  • Item number: EX10011172
  • Model: RCEF-16EHB
  • In the product range since: 2019

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  • Large capacity of 16 litres and 6,000 watts of power for large quantities of fried foods - make multiple portions in a single batch
  • Temperature range between 60 - 200 °C can be easily adjusted using the thermostat and is ideal for various types of foods like fish and chips
  • Cold zone prevents sinking food particles from burning, maintains the natural flavour of the oil and helps to lower costs
  • Stainless steel resists corrosion and is low-maintenance
  • The drain tap enables you to cleanly and easily empty the oil

Key facts

Commercial Fryer - 16 litres - 6,000 W - drain tap - cold zone

The electric commercial fryer RCEF-16EHB from Royal Catering is the perfect equipment. The tank capacity of 16 litres and 6,000 watts of power make the device ideal for professional use in restaurants, snack bars and food trucks. Royal Catering, your online retailer for food service equipment and cooking appliances, stands by this deep fryer for its well-conceived functionality, simple operation and maintenance, and practical design.

More chips in less time with the deep fryer from Royal Catering


The commercial fryer is equipped with a 16-litre tank which can be filled with up to 12 litres of oil. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly fry large quantities of chips, chicken wings, onion rings or prawns in one go. Thanks to the adjustable temperature range of 60 - 200 °C, you can prepare nearly any desired food item - whether fresh or frozen - to perfect crispiness. Clearly visible indicator lights let you know when the device is heating up or the oil is at the optimum temperature. The thermostat consistently maintains the desired temperature, thereby keeping energy use low.


With an output of 6,000 watts, the oil in the fryer reaches the required temperature quickly and can also perfectly and uniformly prepare large quantities of food within a short time. The integrated cold zone also ensures faster heating and prevents food particles that sink to the bottom from burning. This keeps the oil fresh for longer and protects the food from the formation of acrylamide. The bracket for the fryer basket is a standard which allows the food to drain and, if needed, cool.


The electric deep fryer was designed with safety and accident prevention in mind. The device switches off automatically if the heating element is not in the right position. The thermal fuse also reliably protects the device from overheating. The basket has a cool-touch handle which protects the user from burns during frying. The rubber feet ensure stability and prevents the fryer from scratching the surfaces in your kitchen.


The electric fryer is made of stainless steel. This high-quality material is highly resistant to rust and very durable. Thanks to its hygienic and taste-neutral properties, it is also well-suited to food preparation. The smooth surfaces are also very easy to clean. Another bonus feature is the drain tap, which you can use to quickly and economically drain the old oil from the tank. The included lid protects the fryer from dirt and contamination when it is not in use.

Item number
400 V
6,000 W
Number of containers
Max. capacity
16 L
Max. oil quantity
12 L
Dimensions, container
33 x 26 x 20 cm
Dimensions, basket
25 x 23 x 12 cm
Stainless steel
Heating temperature
60 - 200 °C
Drain tap
Base cabinet
Length, cable
1.5 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
69 x 35 x 38.5 cm
11.4 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
61 x 42.5 x 43 cm
Shipping weight
12.9 kg

What kind of oil should I use with this fryer?

The best and healthiest oils for frying are oils with a high smoke point due to their high-temperature cooking parameters.

Does the fryer maintain a constant temperature so that it doesn't overheat during long-term use?

The thermostat consistently maintains the fryer's temperature at the value that you set.

  • Electric commercial fryer RCEF-16EHB
  • Basket with handle
  • Cover
  • Instruction manual

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