Contact Grill and Grill Brush Set - smooth - 2,200 W

Manufacturer: Royal Catering | Item number: EX18000438 | Model: RCKG-2200-F-SET


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Product Highlights

  • 30 - 300 °C
  • Output: 2,200 W
  • Grease drip tray
  • Curved stainless steel brush
  • Handle length: 15 cm


  • Powerful—2,200 W heating element with 30 to 300 °C for fast and optimal grill results
  • Effective—simultaneous grilling with top and bottom heat thanks to a top grill plate
  • Versatile—smooth grill surfaces allow you to prepare a variety of foods
  • Low-maintenance—easy to clean thanks to materials like stainless steel and enamelled cast iron as well as the removable grease drip tray
  • Safe—the grill brush's 15 cm-long handle protects the user from burns
  • Clean—curved spiral with 17 cm-long stainless steel bristles for effective cleaning

A clean and powerful duo! The contact grill with grill brush

The high-quality contact grill RCKG-2200-F from Royal Catering is a professional piece of cooking equipment for restaurants, snack bars, cafés, fast food restaurants and caterers, as well as for your home kitchen. The smooth grill plates are perfect for preparing meat, fish, vegetables, burgers or even fried eggs.

The effective electric contact grill from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

The panini grill with full 2,200 W output has a robust stainless steel housing and two grill plates for simultaneously heating the food from above and below. Thanks to the continuously adjustable temperature from 30 to 300 °C, you can prepare food gently and in a controlled manner. The upper grill plate with heat-insulated handle is height-adjustable and adapts to the thickness of the food to be grilled. The two cast iron plates have a double non-stick coating due to their enamel finish, which prevents food from sticking.

The professional sandwich grill has a removable grease drip tray for catching the grease produced during cooking. This allows you to grill healthy and low-fat and makes cleaning up afterwards a breeze. Because after work in the commercial kitchen or the BBQ session with friends, it's time to clean the contact grill. The practical grill brush RCCB-2 from Royal Catering is included in delivery for this purpose. The curved spiral shape of the 17 cm-long stainless steel brush allows you to reach even difficult spots where stubborn grease and food residue build up. You can thoroughly and effortlessly remove such remnants with a bit of water and washing-up liquid.

The 15 cm-long handle made of heat-resistant plastic ensures comfortable and safe operation. When the work is done, you can hang up the cleaned brush by the strap on the handle and let it dry until its next use. You can also use the sophisticated arrangement of bristles on this brush to clean charcoal grills.

Contact grill RCKG-2200-F
230 V
2,200 W
Material, grill plate
Cast iron (enamelled)
Material, housing
Stainless steel
Grill plates
Top: Smooth
Bottom: Smooth
Operating temperature
30 - 300 °C
Dimensions, upper grill plate (LxW)
33.8 x 22 cm
Dimensions, lower grill plate (LxW)
34.5 x 23 cm
Grill brush RCCB-2
Material, bristles
Stainless steel
Handle material
Plastic (polypropylene)
Hanging strap
Length, bristle spiral
17 cm
Handle length
15 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
39 x 43.5 x 20 cm
18.1 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
52 x 43 x 25 cm
Shipping weight
19.8 kg
Delivery Package
  • Contact grill RCKG-2200-F
  • Instruction manual
  • Grill brush RCCB-2

High performance thanks to 2,200 W output


Select optimal temperature from a range of 50-300 °C


Ideal for meat, paninis, vegetables, tortillas, etc.

Easy-to-use control knobs

Incl. practical cleaning brush

Tested by Michał Orłowski, head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur, just like our customers.

Heat-resistant handle protects user from burns

Efficient thanks to 34.5 x 23 cm grilling surface


Removable grease drawer for easy cleaning


Overheat protection system for safe use


I wipe the surface of the plates with frying fat before the first use.

I preheat the device to at least 180 °C to prevent the food from sticking.


Smooth surface is highly versatile

Dual heating

Even browning thanks to top and bottom heat


High-quality enamelled cast iron to which no food will stick



How big is the device's upper grill plate?

The contact grill's upper grill plate measures 33,8 x 22 cm.

What is the device's maximum temperature?

This contact grill has a built-in thermostat which can be continuously adjusted between 30 and 300 °C.

Can I reach even difficult corners with this brush?

Yes, the brush is designed to achieve very good cleaning results even between the corners of the grill plate. Naturally, you can also use this brush to clean charcoal grills.

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This product
  • 30 - 300 °C
  • Output: 2,200 W
  • Grease drip tray
  • Curved stainless steel brush
  • Handle length: 15 cm

This product is currently not available.

Contact Grill and Grill Brush Set - smooth - 2,200 W

Contact Grill and Grill Brush Set - smooth - 2,200 W


This product is currently not available.

  • 30 - 300 °C
  • Output: 2,200 W
  • Grease drip tray
  • Curved stainless steel brush
  • Handle length: 15 cm