Cooling Table - 180 x 70 cm

Item number: EX10010178 / Model: RCKT-180/70

Cooling Table - 180 x 70 cm

  • Item number: EX10010178
  • Model: RCKT-180/70
  • In the product range since: 2008

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Cooling Table - 180 x 70 cm

  • for keeping cool many different kinds of food and drink
  • temperature adjustable via the automatic temperature constancy control (0 °C to 10 °C)
  • easy operation and cleaning thanks to rounded edges on the inside
  • fully accessible stainless steel work top
  • automatic defrosting with status-LED
  • the prep fridge is equipped with one door and 4 drawers
  • from quality stainless steel
  • 300 Watt power

The Pizza Prep Fridge RCKT-180/70 by Royal Catering was made especially for keeping food and drinks cold for a long period of time. The temperature can be regulated smoothly in the range between 0 °C to 10 °C and kept constant by the fully automatic temperature control. At the same time it is environmentally friendly thanks to the energy saving operation and still offers great performance at all times. The doors and drawers open and close smoothly and the four stands are adjustable in height which gives the Pizza Prep Fridge RCKT-180/70 by Royal Catering an even higher quality.

Moreover the Pizza Prep Fridge is equipped with an automatic defrosting function which, if not manually begun or changed, starts itself in regular intervals. The current status is always displayed by the devices status LED.

With the timeless design the Pizza Prep Fridge RCKT-180/70 by Royal Catering ideally fits into any working area. It is perfect for any catering business.  Thanks to the surface top made from stainless steel, additionally to the cooling space, you gain an area for creatively working on your meals and dishes. The professional pizza prep fridge offers you a high amount of functionality. It is the perfect foundation and best choice you can make for working with food. The Prep Fridge RCKT-180/70 works with an input voltage of 230 V and 300 Watts of power.

The Pizza Prep Fridge RCKT-180/70 by Royal Catering has four large drawers and a spacious area with a door. It is robust and reliable, saves time and money by quickly and effectively bringing your food to the desired temperature and is extremely intuitive and easy in operation. Buy the reasonably priced Pizza Prep Fridge RCKT-180/70 by Royal Catering today! It is a must have for every professional caterer and kitchen professional.

It is made from high class stainless steel which is easy to clean, hard wearing and long-lived. The design and quality are timeless and appealing.

Input Voltage
230 V, 1-Phase
300 W
50 Hz
Rated Current
2,5 A
Power Consumption
2,5 kWh
Cooling Agent
Inside Volume
420 Liter
Working Temperature
10 - 32 °C
Cooling Temperature
0 °C - 10 ⁰C
Electric Protection Class
Energy efficency class
Measurements (LxWxH)
180 x 70 x 84 cm
140 kg
Shipping Measurements (LxWxH)
185 x 78 x 89 cm
Shipping Weight
151.5 kg
expert review

Review by Michał Orłowski, expondo expert (29.05.2019)

Convenient work and efficient processes

Cooling tables have been a fundamental piece of equipment in every kitchen I’ve worked in. They enable you to design your work surface so that you can quickly and easily complete all your tasks. With Royal Catering’s broad range of worktop fridges, you can organise your kitchen efficiently and equip every work station to meet your needs. The robust stainless steel housing is easy to clean and resistant to damage. The worktop fridges are also efficient and energy-saving, an important consideration in any business. I recommend these appliances to any restaurant and catering business.

  • cooling table
  • 4 adjustable feet
  • 4 drawers
  • 1 door
  • instruction manual