Double Electric Griddle Set with 3-Sided Grill Brush - 72.5 cm - smooth - 2 x 2,200 W

Item number: EX18000460 / Model: RCEG-75-SET-1

Double Electric Griddle Set with 3-Sided Grill Brush - 72.5 cm - smooth - 2 x 2,200 W

  • Item number: EX18000460
  • Model: RCEG-75-SET-1
  • In the product range since: 2020

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Impressive grill results with a clean electric griddle

Spoil your guests year-round with delicious, hearty grilled specialities with the electric griddle RCEG-75 from Royal Catering's catering equipment selection. The electric griddle is perfect for use in commercial kitchens, from restaurants and snack bars to food trucks. The included grill brush ensures thorough professional cleanliness.

Prepare crisp and tasty grilled delicacies with the commercial electric griddle

The high-performance electric flat top grill is equipped with a smooth grill plate made of specially manufactured steel measuring 72.5 x 35 cm and 1.2 cm thick, which effectively stores the heat and conducts it quickly. The left and right sides can be independently operated. Each side has an output of 2,200 W and an independent thermostat with temperature control. This allows you to grill food on one side and keep it warm on the other. Thanks to its flat surface, the electric griddle grill is also perfect for cooking fried eggs, sausages and pancakes.

The countertop flat top grill impresses with its robust, high-quality workmanship made of durable stainless steel. The grill plate is surrounded by a splash guard that effectively protects walls and surroundings from grease splashes. The electric griddle is equipped with a removable drip tray in which excess liquids can be easily disposed of after grilling. The used frying fat goes directly into the designateD container via the special drain device. The electric griddle can be easily stored or integrated into a workstation with other cooking equipment thanks to its compact dimensions.

The grill brush included in the set has a 9 cm-long brush head made up of three elongated spirals with bristles. With a bit of water and cleaning product, you can use it to quickly clean the grill's surface of deposits. The stainless-steel bristles extend beyond the edges of the brush head so you can reach even difficult-to-clean spots such as struts by simply angling the brush. The 26.5 cm handle ensures comfortable use.


  • Versatile—ideal for a variety of foods, perfect for restaurants, snack bars, food trucks
  • Perfect grill results—thanks to fully-automatic thermostat controls
  • Effective—two separately adjustable heating elements with 2,200 W each
  • Easy-care—special drainage device for drippings and removable grease catcher
  • Clean—grill brush for quickly and effectively cleaning the grill

Key Facts

Electric griddle RCEG-75
230 V
2 x 2,200 W
Operating temperature
50 - 300 °C
Electrical connections
Material, housing
Stainless steel
Material, griddle
Design, grill plate
Removable grease tray
Drain device
Dimensions, griddle
72.5 x 35 x 1.2 cm
Grill brush RCCB-1
Stainless steel
Handle material
Hanging strap
Handle length
72.5 cm
Length, brush head
9 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
53 x 73 x 24 cm
34.7 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
86 x 65.5 x 37 cm
Shipping weight
40.1 kg

Can I also heat pots and pans on the griddle?

Heating or keeping food warm in pots and pans is no problem thanks to the high performance of the grill plate.

Can I remove the grill plate?

The grill plate is built in and cannot be removed.

  • Electric griddle RCEG-75
  • Drain device
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Grill brush RCCB-1
  • Instruction manual

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