Factory seconds Salamander Grill - 2000 Watt
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Factory seconds Salamander Grill - 2000 Watt

Manufacturer: Royal Catering | Item number: EX20010247 | Model: RCES-2000-EGO

Factory seconds Salamander Grill - 2000 Watt
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Factory seconds

Our factory seconds are generally refurbished customer returns or former display items. The products may have cosmetic defects but are technically flawless. As usual, we provide the normal right of return and warranty.

Product highlights

  • Power: 2000 W
  • Temperature: 50 – 250 °C
  • Timer: 0 – 15 min
  • E.G.O thermostat
  • Collecting container

Impress your guests with our Salamander Grill from the Royal Catering Fast Food Line


The heating element of the Salamander Grill achieves the desired temperature very quickly thanks to ist 2000 W power. This way your guests won’t be waiting long for hot snacks. Using a rotary control you can adjust the temperature between 50 – 250 °C. The integrated E.G.O. thermostat meets the high German standards that until now used to mostly apply to medicine or lab work.

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Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat keeps it constant during the grilling process. Thanks to the integrated timer with an acoustic signal your meals will always be ready on time in the period of 0 to 15 minutes.

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The Salamander Grill from the Royal Catering Gastronomy line is made of high-quality stainless steel and it’s very easy to clean. The chromed grillage with a 45 x 26 cm surface is also easy to maintain. There’s also a collecting container that keeps your Salamander Grills remarkably clean and makes it easy for you to effortlessly remove the crumbs and other grill residues.

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Depending on what you’re grilling, it’s possible to place the grillage on four different levels in the oven. This allows you to use both deep and shallow heat-proof dishes in order to achieve the optimal effect. The grid has two thermally insulated handles, which you can use to move the grid even when it’s hot. The tilt protection provides additional security and stability while inserting snacks.

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Take your Salamander Grill with you to the next catering event and you’ll always have a reliable oven by your side. This gadget is not only very stable and long-lasting owing to its stainless steel finish, but it’s also very simple to transport, given its very compact structure.

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  • precise temperature: a modern E.G.O thermostat up to 250 °C
  • quick: a heating element with 2000 W power
  • reliable: a timer with an acoustic signal
  • adjustable: four slots
  • easy to maintain: stainless steel case and a collecting container

Discount: 20%

Salamander Grill - 2000 Watt

Impress the guests at your restaurant or at your company party with delicious and hot snacks made with the Salamander Grill RCES-2000-EGO from Royal Catering. This professional electrical oven is specially designed for gastronomy usage and is perfect for toasts and baguettes as well as casseroles.

Artikle number
Factory seconds
230 V
2000 W
Stainless steel
Up to 15 minutes
Temperature capacity
Up to 250 °C
Grid dimensions (LxW)
45 x 26 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
63.5 x 43 x 28 cm
11.3 kg
Package dimensions (LxWxH)
67.5 x 37 x 34 cm
Package weight
12.9 kg
Delivery Package
  • Salamander
  • grillage
  • user manual

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