Immersion circulator - 1,100 w - 22 L

Item number: EX10010401 / Model: RCSV-02

Immersion circulator - 1,100 w - 22 L

No matter whether in the hotel industry, catering, or simply cooking at home: Vacuum-packed foodstuffs are gently and gently cooked with the Sous-Vide-Stick RCSV-02 from Royal Catering. After the airtight closure of the food for storage, they are ready and prepared for consumption at any moment with the help of a low temperature immersion circulator.

In the Sous-Vide process, meat, fish and vegetables are gently heated in a vacuum bag and with the aid of a low temperature cooker over a period of several hours, so that vitamins, vital substances and aromas are retained. The sous-vide immersion circulator stick is adjustable between 0-90 ° C with its efficient 1,100 W power in which the performance can maintained to 0.1 degree. The temperature control system ensures that the food to be cooked can be prepared evenly and without water loss.

This slow cooker is particularly suitable for commercial use in restaurants, bistros or hotel kitchens because of its large working capacity from 5 to 22 litres. This ensures that even larger quantities can be accurately prepared to the point. Thanks to the mounting placed on the backside, the garment can also be easily attached to many top styles. The timer, which can be set to the minute, can be set to up to 99 hours via the large LED display. If there is too little water in the pool during this time, the device will warn you with an acoustic signal.

The housing of the low-temperature Immersion circulator is made from easy-to-clean stainless steel. The rear handle is used not only as a holder, but also for transport. With its compact, elongated design, its practical size and low weight of only 2.2 kg, it is easy to transport and store.


  • perfectly suitable for gentle cooking vacuum-sealed food in restaurants, hotels, bistros and home
  • powerful, fast heating element with 1,100 Watts
  • high energy efficiency with maximum heating power
  • Integrated LED display
  • Temperature can be adjusted in 0.1 degree steps up to 0 - 90 ° C
  • Minute timer for up to 99 hours cooking time
  • Easy to clean stainless steel housing
  • 5 - 22 litres capacity

Key Facts

Article number
Stainless steel (housing)
Plastic (Mount)
230 V
Temperature range
0 - 90 ° C / adjustable in 0.1 degree steps
min. Working Capacity
5 L
Max. Working Capacity
22 L
0 - 99 hours / minute adjustable
Dimensions (LxWxH)
12 x 9 x 36 cm
2 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
20 x 14 x 41 cm
Shipping weight
2.5 kg

Suitable for pots and roasting pans with 5 - 22 L volume


1,100 W power quickly heats water in a range of 0 - 90 °C


Healthy preparation of vegetables, fish, meat

Heat-resistant carrying and hanging handle

Easy-to-read control panel for easy operation

Tested by Michał Orłowski, head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur, just like our customers.

Practical filling level markings

Simultaneously cook various products in vacuum-sealed bags


Audible alarm alerts you to low water level


Sous-vide process preserves vitamins and minerals


To get the perfect degree of cooking, I cook steaks at 56 °C beforehand.

I cook foods at the lowest possible temperature. This prevents the structure from breaking down, improves the flavour of the food and preserves its nutrients.


Timer for precise cooking times (0 - 99 hrs)

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is long-lasting and food-safe

LED display

LED display gives you full control over the parameters



I work with professional products every day. For this video, I made sure to test the device thoroughly. You can take a close look at how this product works and then decide which model is best for your business. I hope my video and tips will help to make your business even more successful.

Head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur

expert review

Review by Michał Orłowski, expondo expert (02.08.2018)

The basis of a modern kitchen

Today, sous vide technology is taking kitchens all over the world by storm. But how to fit yet another appliance fit into your already-cramped kitchen? Then I found this sous vide stick, which proved to be the ideal solution in my restaurant in Warsaw, where I only include SV dishes in my menu on a seasonal basis. SV helps to maintain standards and considerably speeds up the preparation of dishes. Making a steak perfect medium is no longer a great feat. A good, efficient device. The only thing I would change is the polished steel casing, because it tempts me to wipe it all the time so it always shines like a mirror. But that's just me being a perfectionist.

Why is cooking with the sous-vide method better for the food?

The sous-vide cooking method is a particularly gentle one, as the ingredients are carefully prepared for longer periods of time at lower temperatures. Consequently, the food does not boil. Additionally, the food is sealed in vacuum bags, thus ensuring that the ingredients will not come in direct contact with the water. This way, they remain fresh and maintain all of their nutrients and vitamins.

Does the sous-vide cooker turn itself off after the timer has expired?

Yes, the sous-vide cooker automatically turns itself off after the timer ends. In case there is too little water in the device during the cooking process, there will be an acoustic signal.

  • Sous-Vide-Stick RCSV-02
  • Power cable
  • User manual

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