Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black

Manufacturer: Royal Catering | Item number: EX10010993 | Model: RCGK-35L

Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black
Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black
Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black
Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black
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Product highlights

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  • Volume: 35 L
  • Power: 70 W
  • Temperature range: 5 - 12° C
  • Dimensions, inserts: 28 x 37.5 cm
  • Noise level: 30 dB

With a volume of 35 litres, the mini refrigerator offers plenty of space to supply your hotel guests with a variety of drinks, foods and snacks in their room. At the same time, its compact design makes it easy to find a place for it, whether in a hotel room, bar or in your own home.

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At just 30 decibels, the mini fridge makes less noise than a softly purring cat. Thanks to the extremely low noise level, it is perfect for bedrooms as well as offices, where every sound can be a distraction.

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The mini fridge showcases all drinks and snacks with an energy-efficient LED light. The integrated LED lights fully illuminate the interior thanks to their high intensity, making it easy to clearly see all the food and drinks inside. These LED bulbs are energy-saving, efficient and, in contrast to conventional bulbs, they don't emit unwanted heat.

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Regulate the temperature yourself. This mini refrigerator has an especially wide temperature range, allowing you to set the temperature to anywhere between 5 and 12° C. This makes it possible to refrigerate even specialty foods and drinks as needed. The mini fridge is always the right temperature.

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This compact mini refrigerator is even height-adjustable. There are four feet on the bottom of the mini fridge which can be individually adjusted to a height of up to 10 mm via a screw mechanism, enabling it to stand firmly even on uneven surfaces.

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This cutting-edge mini fridge is easy and quick to clean. Thanks to the separately removable racks and compartments, as well as the powder-coated steel coating, dust and dirt can be easily wiped away, keeping food and beverages fresh and healthy. It is an exceptionally low-maintenance product.

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The mini refrigerator is accessed via a practical hinged door on the front, which is furnished with particularly sturdy hinges on both sides to maintain stability even under heavy use. Thanks to the hinges on both sides, you can choose whether the door is opened on the left or the right, depending on the space in which it is placed. The interior of the door contains useful compartments for storing beverages. In addition, the door closes softly and quietly.

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The mini fridge is equipped with a high-tech and innovative Peltier cooling system. This system ensures that the mini refrigerator rapidly reaches and consistently maintains the desired temperature. Unlike conventional cooling systems, this system is especially quiet, environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

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  • Capacity of 35 litres
  • Quiet, thanks to extremely low noise level
  • LED lighting for good visibility
  • Refreshing cooling between 5 and 12° C
  • Sturdy thanks to height-adjustable feet
  • Low-maintenance design

Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black

The mini refrigerator RCGK-35L from Royal Catering is an attractive solution for keeping drinks and snacks cold. This cutting-edge mini fridge can hold up to 35 litres and also runs exceptionally quietly. It provides consistent interior refrigeration, especially on hot days. Perfect for hotels, hostels, bars and clubs, as well as for events and meetings where drinks are served.

Item number
Casing material
Powder-coated steel
Material, insertable shelves
Powder-coated steel
Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
70 W
Rated current
0.55 A
35 L
Temperature range
5° C – 12° C
Energy efficiency class
Annual energy consumption
106 kWh
Daily energy consumption
0.29 kWh
Height adjustment
10 mm
Dimensions, inserts
28 x 37.5 cm
Length, power cable
1.8 m
Cooling system
Peltier cooling system
Noise level
30 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH)
53.50 x 45.50 x 36.40 cm
8.65 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
57.30 x 49.50 x 40.50 cm
Shipping weight
10.05 kg
Technical drawing
Delivery Package
  • Mini Refrigerator RCGK-35L
  • Insert racks
  • Instruction manual

Compact device with 35 L capacity


Cooling from 5 to 12 °C


Ideal for hotels, offices, hostels

Fan effectively distributes cold air

Racks can be installed at 2 different heights

Tested by Michał Orłowski, head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur, just like our customers.

Easily adjust leg height from 0 - 10 mm

Door can be installed on either the left or right side


With a highly efficient Peltier cooling system


Classic design matches any interior


I use water and vinegar to clean the interior. This solution is breaks down bacteria and is food-safe.

I always place a slice of lemon and a small dish of baking soda in the refrigerator. This prevents the development of unpleasant smells.


Extremely quiet operation: Just 35 dB


LED light perfectly illuminates interior


Durable thanks to powder-coated steel housing

Consistent temperature

Adjustable height

Review from Michal Orlowski Expondo Expert (29 May 2019)

Elegance, functionality, energy efficiency

A minibar should have four essential characteristics: It should look good, be easy to clean, run quietly and use as little energy as possible. The hotel mini fridges from Royal Catering combine these four qualities. They fit perfectly in any hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast. They are also the perfect complement for conference rooms or elegant offices.

Head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur

Can I choose for myself which direction the door should open?

Yes, this product has door hinges on both sides so you can decide for yourself which direction the door should open, left or right, depending on the room and space it's in.

What should I do if the mini refrigerator is broken?

We offer our customers a 3-year warranty on this mini refrigerator and authorised EU-wide service. Just contact us!

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Reviews from Annika (3 Aug 2020)
Reviews from Annika (3 Aug 2020) Bastukyl

Perfekt liten kyl vid bastun :-) Det går in liggande flaskor nedtill och burkar på hyllan.

expondo expert

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This product
  • Volume: 35 L
  • Power: 70 W
  • Temperature range: 5 - 12° C
  • Dimensions, inserts: 28 x 37.5 cm
  • Noise level: 30 dB

This product is currently not available.

Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black

Mini Refrigerator -35 L - black


This product is currently not available.

  • Volume: 35 L
  • Power: 70 W
  • Temperature range: 5 - 12° C
  • Dimensions, inserts: 28 x 37.5 cm
  • Noise level: 30 dB