Sausage Maker - 3 Litres Vertical

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Sausage Maker – 3 Litres Vertical Do you want to expand your butchery equipment? If so, then...More information

Sausage Maker – 3 Litres Vertical

Do you want to expand your butchery equipment? If so, then Royal Catering is the right partner for you. Nowhere else will you find innovative, premium products such as the stainless steel sausage maker RCWF-3L-H. This device will help you produce a variety of delicious, homemade sausages. Try using high-quality, natural ingredients and adding your very own personal twist. Whether you want to make salami, bratwurst, kielbasa or bologna - the sausage maker RCWF-3L-H will consistently produce sausages that are not only delicious, but also look great.

Sausage Maker – Four separate filling tubes for additional diversity

The four included filling tubes with sizes 16, 22, 32 and 38 mm give you the flexibility to decide for yourself which types and sizes of sausages you want to produce. The filling tubes have a length of 18 cm and are also made of stainless steel, thereby ensuring sufficient reserves for the empty sausage casing. Switching the filling tubes is quick and easy thanks to the large and handy cap nut.

This sausage maker is equipped with a premium 2-speed gearbox. Thanks to this gearbox you can operate the machine at two different speeds. Additionally, the faster speed makes quickly retracting and extending the compression even easier. The gearbox is ball bearing mounted and all components are hardened. This makes the sausage maker from Royal Catering exceptionally durable.

The sausage maker RCWF-3L-H is built for a filling quantity of 3 litres. When filling this device you simply unlock the cylinder and remove it. This way the filling tube can comfortably be filled manually or directly from the grinder. Additionally, the modular structure of this device enables both right- and left-handed people to operate it easily.

The crank is shaped ergonomically and is tightly fixed to the casing. This ensures an exceptionally efficient force transmission which, in combination with the compact setup of the sausage maker, results in very good stability. There is a high-quality, hygienic and durable silicone seal inside the pressure plate which is reliably keeping the meat from leaking out.

Cleaning the sausage stuffer is also conveniently easy. The removable cylinder makes all surfaces easy to reach, while the cylinder itself can then be cleaned separately. The pressure plate is equipped with an exhaust valve in order to prevent contamination and for allowing the entrapped air to escape.

Advantages at a glance

  • flexible sausage production thanks to four different filling tubes
  • modular structure enables both right- and left-handed people to operate this device
  • efficient force transmission thanks to ergonomically shaped crank
  • exhaust valve for preventing contamination and allowing entrapped air to escape
  • premium stainless steel - hygienic, long-lived and easy-care
Model RCWF-3L-H
Item number 1504
Condition new
Material stainless steel
Capacity 3 l
Diameter cylinder 14 cm
Length cylinder 18 cm
Dimensions filling tubes 16, 22, 32 and 38 mm
Gearbox 2 speeds
Dimensions (LxWxH) 24,00 x 30,00 x 50,80 cm
Weight 8,30 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 58,00 x 37,00 x 31,50 cm
Shipping weight 10,65 kg
  • Sausage Maker RCWF-3L-H
  • 4 filling Tubes
  • Crank
  • Cap Nut
  • Operating Instructions
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