Stainless steel shelf - 120 cm

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Stainless steel shelf - 120 cm Do you need more space for dishes, containers, pots, utensils...More information

Stainless steel shelf - 120 cm

Do you need more space for dishes, containers, pots, utensils or food? Then the stainless steel shelf RCER-120, which has been designed especially for professional use in kitchens, is the right choice for you. Organise your kitchen with the stainless steel furniture from Royal Catering. The stainless steel shelf provides storage space for many different utensils and cuts a fine figure in your kitchen.

The perfect storage for your kitchen!

Four shelves measuring 18.3 x 46.2 cm offer plenty of storage space. There are 398, 398 and 388 mm between the shelves, from bottom to top. Even large pots can be easily positioned on the shelf. Each of the four shelves can carry up to 150 kg. This means that the entire construction can carry up to 600 kg. With its open design, the shelf is easily accessible, so you can reach for anything you need at any time.

Store your kitchen utensils, food supplies or spices neatly and hygienically on the stainless steel shelf. The shelf is made of high-quality stainless steel and is therefore very durable and resistant. The robust material does not react with food and is resistant to corrosion and deposits. The smooth, minimally porous surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect.

The included hardware makes for an easy installation of the stainless steel shelf. The shelves are screwed with corner joints directly into the frame. The shelf is extremely stable and resilient, as it does not need to be attached to the wall. Due to its adjustable feet, it can be placed onto uneven floors without any wobbling.

Advantages at a glance

  • High carrying capacity of up to 600 kg storage space for large kitchens or restaurants
  • Each of the four shelves can carry up to 150 kg and measures 118.3 x 46.2 cm
  • High-quality stainless steel, easy to clean and highly resistant
  • Height-adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Easy assembly, with included fixtures

What is the carrying capacity of the shown product?

Each shelf can carry up to 150 kg, so that you can also store large and heavy objects.

Is the shelf easy to clean?

The shelf is made of smooth stainless steel that is easy to clean and very resilient.

Which material has been used to ensure the longevity and safety of the product?

The shelf is made of stainless steel. The material is neutral and non-corrosive on contact with food.

Model RCER-120
Item number 1224
Condition New
Material Stainless steel
Total carrying capacity 600 kg
Carrying capacity per shelf 150 kg
Dimensions, shelf 118.3 x 46.2 cm
Distance between shelves Top: 388 mm
Middle: 398 mm
Bottom: 398 mm
Number of shelves 4
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120,00 x 48,50 x 155,00 cm
Weight 25,80 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 154,00 x 57,00 x 26,50 cm
Shipping weight 29,00 kg
  • Stainless steel shelf RCER-120
  • Fixture
  • Instruction manual
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