Screw Clamp

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Screw Clamps

Get rid of those old rusty parts with some updated and durable new screw clamps today!

If you’re working with a variety of woods in different shapes and sizes, then you know how crucial a good set of screw clamps can be around the workshop. When you get your equipment from MSW brand, you’re going to get style and functionality all-in-one! These high-quality screw clamps are going to help you get a tight hold on your woodwork without breaking the bank. And with a full range of settings, you’ll be able to get to work on a wide variety of woodworking projects.

A must have for amateurs and professionals in any woodworking workshop.

  • Consisting of two separate pieces, these allow you a wide range of adaptability.
  • Extremely easy to assemble right out of the packaging so you can get to work.
  • Very powerful due to the ability to use leverage when tightening.
  • A crucial piece of your toolbox that needs to work without fussing over parts.

When looking over our workshop equipment, sometimes the smaller parts are easily overlooked. Screw clamps aren’t the first thing that usually pops into mind when thinking about pieces that are due for replacement in the workspace. Everyone usually heads straight for our excellent range of professional tools to start making their wish list. But when you’re shopping with Expondo, we’ve got you covered from big to small, screw clamps included! These incredibly durable screw clamps come in two separate pieces that will allow you to make sure you’re covered, regardless of the size of materials you’re clamping together. You don’t have to worry about multiple parts and trying to figure out where everything fits. These are good to go straight out of the packaging. The same can be said for our extensive range of welders for a variety of projects you have going on around the workshop. There’s no project that’s too big or small that we haven’t got the equipment for. So, give these durable screw clamps a look before thinking about what other pieces of the puzzle you’re missing in your workshop! You’ll be coming up with new ideas in no time when you’ve got the right equipment to give them shape.

Gluing pieces together or just need to keep them in place? These will be perfect for you!

  • Super practical piece of equipment that doesn’t take up much space or money.
  • Can be use in a variety of instances where multifunctionality is what you’re after.
  • Fully adjustable to almost any length of pieces you’re working with.
  • All parts are made from high-quality steel and are extremely durable.

Who knew that screw clamps could have so many uses around the workshop? But they can also be great for holding things together with a variety of other products! Let’s say you’ve been coming to us for our extensive range of catering equipment and you’ve just picked up one of our brand-new popcorn trolleys for the spring or summer. Having a few screw clamps handy to post your price board or add equipment to the trolley will save a lot of trouble. And when you’re dealing with our industrial equipment, there’s always a need to keep pieces right where you need them. These screw clamps will also be right at home with any plumber working with pipes. Whether it’s in conjunction with all of our drain cleaning tools for those tough jobs, or you’ve just looked at purchasing one of our plumbing snake cables, having a solid screw clamp in the ready is never a bad idea. So, whatever uses you have in mind, make sure not to neglect the small but important parts of your toolbox!