Stainless Steel Milk Dispensers

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Restaurant milk dispensers

A professional milk dispenser is an ideal addition to your breakfast buffet. Whether in a restaurant, café, hotel or at events where food and drinks are served – a high-quality milk dispenser with cooling will satisfy your guests. Milk is used in a variety of ways and is coveted by many guests, for their coffee or as an essential ingredient in cocoa or muesli. Especially during breakfast, a dispenser with fresh milk should not be missing. With its sealed container and integrated cooling system, a milk dispenser always provides fresh and chilled milk throughout the morning hours. With modern and distinctive design from Royal Catering, the milk dispensers also enrich the ambience of your buffet table with an appealing look.

Do you want to offer a wide variety of beverages? Particularly for the morning breakfast buffet, coffee dispensers coffee machines and cocoa dispensers are the ideal complements to milk dispensers. Discover the wide range of professional beverage dispensers in our extensive range!

The advantages of milk dispensers

A milk dispenser with refrigeration offers numerous advantages, especially in professional catering and at events:

Due to the airtight and sturdy container, the milk is always safe. Contrary to simple jugs and carafes, this prevents the milk from accidentally spilling. Likewise, the milk remains protected from external influences, so that a milk dispenser makes for particularly hygienic storage.

Pouring fresh milk is extremely convenient and uncomplicated via a practical tap. With just a flick of the wrist, each guest can serve themselves as they wish. The contactless pouring of milk guarantees a high standard of hygiene.

The internal cooling of the milk dispenser keeps the milk fresh and at the right drinking temperature for a long time. Regardless of the duration of the buffet and the weather conditions, the wholesomeness of the milk is always guaranteed.

The generous capacity of the container allows numerous guests to serve themselves with milk at the same time – without any work by the staff. There are milk dispensers with different capacities,so you can adjust the desired size to the number of your guests.

Cold milk dispenser

Milk is an extremely sensitive beverage and must be continuously cooled to keep it fresh and healthy for a long time. Milk dispensers with cooling are an extremely practical solution: The integrated cooling system keeps the milk at a constant temperature and protects it from external weather influences. Milk can quickly flocculate or turn sour, especially in hot summer weather or during a muggy thunderstorm. With its self-cooling dispenser, fresh milk is always available to every guest at a pleasant drinking temperature.

What should be considered when cleaning milk dispensers?

Regular cleaning of a milk dispenser is very important because over time bacteria can accumulate in the vessel or the integrated tap, which is detrimental to the health of your guests. However, cleaning and maintaining a milk dispenser is uncomplicated: Just like the outlet tap, the container can be cleaned quickly and easily with water and a mild detergent. The only thing to keep in mind is that the faucet should be rinsed with clean water until any residue of the cleaning agent has been washed out. Residues of cleaning agent may not only be unhealthy but also negatively affect the taste of fresh milk. With regular cleaning, your milk dispenser will always remain hygienic and ready for use – with a minimum of time spent.

Milk dispensers, juice dispensers, cereal dispensers – what's the difference?

Milk and juice dispensers are often very similar in their design and external appearance: Both have a spacious container for storing the beverage, a convenient tap for easy dispensing and a handy drip tray to keep your buffet table free of stains. Both types of dispensers have integrated cooling, which guarantees the freshness of the drink and an optimal drinking temperature.

Milk dispensers are often made of high-quality stainless steel and can even resemble traditional milk jugs. On a buffet table, these dispensers therefore enrich the ambience with their special charm. In addition, your guests can quickly tell that they contain milk just by the milk jug shape of the dispenser. Juice dispensers, often have a transparent container made of glass or high-quality plastic. The transparency of the container allows guests to see which type of juice is available in it. Because juices can be easily distinguished from each other by their colour, for example, orange or multivitamin juice. Milk and juice dispensers, therefore, don't need to be labelled with signs.

Cereal dispensers from milk and juice dispensers in several respects: Firstly, they don't have an internal cooling system, as the cereals already have a long shelf life due to their drying and do not require cooling. Secondly, the cereal is not removed in portions via a tap, but a dispenser wheel. A cereal bowl is placed below the opening of the dispenser and filled with a portion of cereal by turning the wheel – very simple and above all hygienic. Cereal dispensers share a common feature with juice dispensers: Their container is often transparent so that every guest can immediately recognize the contents.