Stainless Steel Post Box

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No matter where you work or live, you’re bound to receive regular incoming mail, whether it’s orders, deliveries, bank statements, insurance forms, medical reminders or simply correspondence. Many of these letters can be very valuable to your home or business and it’s vital to keep them protected and organised so you can respond and keep up to date. Our stainless steel postbox range from Singerton is a great way to make sure your mail stays protected not only from the elements but from the risk of theft. Elegant, secure and spacious, find out why they’re an essential piece of equipment for your hotel, office or home.

Protect your mail with a stainless steel postbox

• Suitable for homes and business • Protect mail from theft and whether • Long-lasting and secure • Nameplate holder included • Separate newspaper compartment • Easy installation

From hotels, catering companies, and leisure centres to recruitment agencies, brokers and more – every business is bound to receive regular mail from customers, partners and potential clients. To take lacklustre care of your mail puts you at risk of delaying business deals, making late property payments or upsetting clients. It can also put you at risk of theft, if you’re not adequately securing your letters. New to Expondo, our stainless steel postbox range is ideal for all manner of business as well as private homes. For shared housing setups such as apartment blocks, condos and even long-stay hostels, a stainless steel postbox can be install indoors or out to keep each residents’ mail safe and organised. No more losing valuable letters and pesky ‘missed delivery’ slips. As you can tell by our wide selection of stainless steel equipment, it’s one of our favourite materials for the workplace. The high quality metal ensures that each stainless steel postbox is robust – resident to whether damage or vandalism, your new postbox will not only look modern and elegant, it also will last for a long time. The secure lock function to ensures that only the keyholder has access your mail. Our stainless steel postboxes come in two designs. One is a single unit with a spacious mailbox for letters and a handy newspaper compartment for papers, brochures and more without creasing. Our larger postbox has three separate mailboxes, each 27.5x34.3x8 centimetres and is perfect for shared offices and housing. No more muddled up mail - each compartment has its own nameplate holder and can therefore be individually labelled by its user. Our stainless steel postboxes can be safely and effortlessly mounted onto various concrete, brick or stone surfaces, indoors or out, so no matter where you live or work, your mail will be sorted – literally!

More reasons to choose stainless steel

• Easy to clean • Hardwearing • Ideal for sharp blades • Long lasting • Elegant • Safe and easy to install

As well as the stainless steel postbox, we’ve got countless products for your kitchen, home, factory, farm or office that prove that stainless steel is a great choice for long lasting furniture. It’s a great choice for caterers and home-cooks alike, as you’ll see in our range of catering and cooking supplies featuring everything from stainless steel burger presses and blenders to elegant serving trolleys. The robust, sturdy material makes it hygienic and easy to clean and creates a super sharp edge for knives and blenders. And when it’s time to turn up the heat, our commercial cooking gadgets such as deep fat fryers and contact grills are all fashioned with stainless steel making them east to clean, use after use. Construction, garden, and repair workers will not be disappointed by our professional tools range featuring stainless steel bud trimmers, work stools and more. For hotels and leisure centres you’ll find sturdy and elegant stainless steel pool ladders and hygiene supplies such as hand dryers and soap dispensers. Why not add the finishing touch to your hotel lobby with an electric shoe polisher housed in elegant steel? Even in our range of industrial equipment, you’ll find a wide range of commercial scales featuring easy to clean stainless steel surfaces and bases. Of course, no matter where you work, you need to store your tools, ingredients, stationary, and valuables. Look no further than our easy-to-install stainless steel cabinets! From incoming mail to outgoing orders of fries, there’s always a good reason to choose stainless steel.