TRMS Bench Digital Multimeter

Item number: EX10030382 / Model: S-LS-43

TRMS Bench Digital Multimeter

  • Item number: EX10030382
  • Model: S-LS-43
  • In the product range since: 2019

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TRMS Bench Digital Multimeter

If you want to determine measured values such as volts, amperes or ohm when repairing or producing electronic devices, then the bench digital multimeter from Steinberg is the precise instrument to deliver all these values and more, including frequency and temperature. As a TRMS device, or true RMS (root mean square), it provides exact RMS measurements which are currently indispensable in industrial environments.

All values at a glance with the measurement technology from Steinberg Systems


The generously-designed display lets you keep an eye on all measurement results at all times. It is equipped with two numerical displays so that you can also measure different values, such as AC voltage and frequency, in parallel. This is complemented by clearly-organised status and measurement unit displays, as well as a bar graph display.


The multimeter stands out for its broad measuring ranges for voltage, current, resistance, frequency and temperature. It can measure alternating current up to 700 volts and direct current up to 1,000 volts. For current, the multimeter displays values up to 20 A, and measures resistance up to 80 megaohms and frequency up to 8 megahertz.


The versatile instrument includes up to 50 functions based on the basic values DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Ω, CAP, Hz and TEMP. This enables you to precisely and comprehensively determine the performance data for all types of electrical appliances. You can also measure and analyse up to 16 different types of frequencies. The true RMS measurement method even makes it possible to measure the root mean square of voltage.


You can record the AC/DC digital multimeter's measurements in an internal memory. In total, you can save up to 8,192 readings. The device can also dynamically record values over a 36-hour period. It automatically measures the maximum and minimum values and calculates the average value of all readings. The device also has an RS-232 interface for transferring data to your computer.


  • Large, detailed dual LCD display with 80,000 counts and background lighting
  • Comprehensive measurement functions based on DCV, ACV, DCA.ACA, Ω, CAP,Hz, TEMP
  • 16 different frequency types up to 8 MHz
  • Simultaneous measurements (AC + DC), (AC + Hz), (DC dBm), (dBm + Hz), (Hz + Duty Cycle)°C + ℉)
  • Large memory - up to 36 hours for recording MAG, MIN, AVG, MAX-MIN (RELΔ), (REL%)
  • RS-232 interface and software (compatible with Windows 9x and higher)

Key Facts

Power supply
110 / 230 V (50 / 60 Hz)
Diode test
True RMS
Measurement results for AC and DC
Continuity test
Overload protection
Input resistance
10 Ω
Sampling rate
4 x/s
AC frequency response
40 Hz - 50 kHz
Range selection
Dual, 5 digits
Measurement range DC V
80 mV / 800 mV / 8 V / 80 V / 800 V / 1,000 V
Measurement range AC V
80 mV / 800 mV / 8 V / 80 V / 750 V
Measurement range DC A
80 mA / 800 mA / 8A / 20 A
Measurement range, resistance
800 Ω / 8 kΩ / 80 kΩ / 800 kΩ / 8 MΩ / 80 MΩ
Measurement range, frequency
0.5 Hz ~ 8 MHz
Measurement range, capacitance
1 nF / 10 nF / 100 nF / 1 uF / 10uF / 100uF
Measurement range, square wave
3 V / 0.5 Hz ~ 5 kHz / 1 % ~ 99 %
Measurement range, temperature
-50 to 1,372 °C
Data gathering period
36 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)
37 x 26 x 11.5 cm
3.44 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
41 x 29 x 18.5 cm
Shipping weight
4 kg

Does the device come with measuring cables?

Yes, cables are included in delivery.

Can I connect the device to my computer for analysis?

Yes, the device has an RS-232 interface with which you can establish a connection to your computer.

  • TRMS bench digital multimeter S-LS-43
  • Power cable
  • RS-232 cable
  • Test lead TL-115
  • Test lead TL-203
  • Temperature probe
  • Instruction manual

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