Electronic Weighing Scale with LED Display - 6 kg/2 g - 15 kg/5 g

Item number: EX10200010 / Model: TEL015B1D-V2-B1

Electronic Weighing Scale with LED Display - 6 kg/2 g - 15 kg/5 g

  • Item number: EX10200010
  • Model: TEL015B1D-V2-B1
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Electronic Weighing Scale with LED Display - 6 kg/2 g - 15 kg/5 g

The electronic weighing scale TEL015B1D-V2-B1 delivers particularly precise measuring results, has a maximum weighing capacity of 15 kg and an accuracy of 5 g. The scale is therefore ideal for shops, pharmacies, tea shops, the food industry or at markets and other places where the product weight needs to be checked. The scale has already been calibrated and is thus approved for trade! The period of validity of the calibration is two years from the start of operation. The TEM range contains high-quality industrial supplies and precise scales for all areas of application.

Accurate weighing becomes child's play from now on


In a fast-paced environment, you will receive accurate weighing results in next to no time. The scale displays the results immediately. The LED display reacts quickly, even when the scale has been reset to zero. The weight, unit price and the total costs are displayed. Due to the backlight, the display helps your work, even in dark locations. Even when the view is bad, the 14 mm red digits are easy to read. Acoustic signals support the operation.


The electronic scale has various practical functions. When the automatic zero correction is activated, the scale indicates a stable zero point, for example when the room temperature changes. You can choose between two modes of weighing. With W1, you should weigh between 40 g and 6 kg, the precision is at 2 g. With W2, you can double the parameters. The max. number of articles you can save is 250 and there are quick-access storage spaces for the selected items.


In addition, the foiled keyboard is water and grease resistant. The scale always has a secure and non-slip stand due to its sturdy rubber feet. You can also adjust the height of the feet and thereby even out bumpy grounds. They also protect any work surface from scratches.

Non-stop weighing thanks to the integrated battery


To ensure a long operation, the scale has an integrated 6 V 4.5 Ah battery. This allows a mobile operation of up to 40 hours. Even while loading the scale, you can still use it. The scale has an energy-saving mode that protects the battery and saves electricity.


The scale has two exchangeable weighing surfaces measuring 23 x 30 cm. One surface is made of stainless steel, the other is a weighing bowl made of durable ABS plastic. The bowl has a height of 5 cm and a capacity of 3 litres. When designing the scale, great emphasis was placed on a compact design. The small overall dimensions, as well as the low weight of the device make for an easy storage and transportation. The casing is made from durable plastic.


The pre-set price scale has a standard RS232 connection. With this serial interface connection, you can easily connect the scale to a cash register or a PC. All information about the setting options can be found on the software CD. TEM stands for high quality scale technology and reliability. The scale TEL015B1D-V2-B1 has a three-year warranty.


  • Calibrated, for a certified and precise weighing: 2 g (6 kg) - 5 g (15 kg)
  • Battery-charged - up to 40 hours
  • LED display with large, easy to read digits, even with a bad view
  • Incl. weighing bowl with a capacity of 3 litres
  • Serial interface connection for connecting to a PC or cash register

Key Facts

Item number
Material, casing
ABS plastics, aluminium
Material, weighing platform
Stainless steel
Material, weighing bowl
40 hours
Material, weighing bowl fixture
7.8V, 1.2A AC
Operating time
110 V - 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Power supply
4.5 Ah
Voltage / Frequency
Chargeable battery
23 x 30 cm
Number of platforms
3 l
Size, platforms
W1, W2
Capacity, weighing bowl
W1: 40 g - 6 kg
W2: 100 g - 15 kg
Weighing modes
W1: 2 g
W2: 5 g
Weighing range
0,04 kg
15 kg
Minimal weight
Maximum weight
IP-Protective class
-10 °C ~ + 40 °C
Measuring unit
Price calculation
Number of memory items (PLU)
Number of quick-access items
Business license
Length, power cable
1,75 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
32.5 x 32.5 x 48 cm
4.8 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
49.5 x 46.5 x 21 cm
Shipping weight
5.8 kg

1 = Symbols for Metrology

2 = First Calibration Year

3 = E-Calibration Identification Number

4 = Precision Class - III - for Commercial Sales

What does a precision of 2 g at 6 kg mean?

The maximum divergence when weighing products of up to 6 kg is 2 g. That means that the scale is correct up to a gram.

Is it possible to connect the scale to a PC?

Yes, this is very easily done with serial interface connection RS232.

What happens if the scale breaks down?

We offer a three-year warranty and services for all of the EU area. If you have any questions or problems concerning the scale, contact us!

  • Electronic weighing scale TEL015B1D-V2-B1
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual

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