Platform Scale - Calibration - 60 kg / 20 g

Item number: EX10200003 / Model: BEKO+LCD035x04030-B1

Platform Scale - Calibration - 60 kg / 20 g

  • Item number: EX10200003
  • Model: BEKO+LCD035x04030-B1
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Platform Scale - Calibration - 60 kg / 20 g

Reliable measurements are the foundation of your business, whether you are shipping goods or trading loose goods. Every gram counts. This scale measures accurately and provides reliable information about your products. Check out the calibrated platform scale for up to 60 kg by TEM! It is not only easy to use and portable - this scale also meets the high precision requirements of the trade.

Don’t guess, measure! The platform scale by TEM gets precise results


The platform scale complies with the regulations for trade. This is confirmed by the quality mark M on a green background. It will be calibrated and delivered in a verifiable manner, but should again be certified by an authorised person, depending on national regulations. This is the basis for legally determining the weight for goods offered for sale.


The precision of the scale depends on the maximum weight you want to measure. The platform scale by TEM has two measuring ranges, which increases accuracy when weighing less heavy objects. Up to 30 kg can be measured with a maximum deviation of 10 g, for objects of up to 60 kg, the deviation can be up to 20 g. The calibration, which must be renewed after two years, ensures that the deviation is not exceeded.


The values ​​are displayed on a modern LCD display, which is attached to the balance with a foldable tripod. The digits on the display are large and clearly legible. For consistently perfect visibility there is an adjustable backlight. It can be switched on or off or used when an object is placed onto the scale or a button is pressed.


For an optimal viewing, the display can be tilted and adjusted to your individual needs. The orientation of the display can also be changed. Either it is aligned or opposite to the weighing surface. Due to the different settings, you can always adapt the device to your working conditions.


The clearly designed control panel is easy to use. There are five buttons to control the required basic functions: Operation, backlighting, taring, measuring range and zeroing. In addition, a light on the display indicates when the scale is balanced out. The individual functions are highlighted acoustically. The control panel is protected by a transparent cover.


The display of the scale is powered by a battery, so that you can also use it on the go. It has a battery life of up to 100 hours and an amazing endurance. To charge the battery as needed, the display shows the current battery charge. For storage or transportation, you can fold the painted iron tripod with a few simple steps.


The weighing surface is made of robust, high-quality stainless steel. Since it is open on three sides, even larger objects exceeding the area of ​​35 x 40 cm can be weighed. An elegant edge where the display is mounted on the tripod protects the scale from damage during weighing. The non-slip and height-adjustable feet ensure a safe horizontal positioning.


The platform scale has an RS 232 interface that allows you to connect it to a computer or cash register. Different communication protocols are available for data transfer, such as DIALOG 06, TEM, TISA, DELTA, CAS (NCI) or ACLASS.


  • Calibrated, adjustable and suitable for business
  • Certified precision of 10g (30 kg) or 20 g (60 kg)
  • Modern LCD display with background lighting and a foldable tripod
  • Long battery life of up to 100 hours
  • Spacious stainless steel scaling platform
  • RS 232 interface for data sharing with standard communication protocols

Key Facts

Item number
Voltage / Frequency
110 - 230 V / 50 Hz
Material, casing
ABS, lacquered steel
Material, weighing platform
Stainless steel
Energy supply
7,8 V, 1,2 A AC
Capacity, battery
4.5 Ah
Dimensions, platform
35 x 40 cm
Maximum capacity
60 kg
Minimum capacity
200 g
Scaling modes
W1, W2
Weight range
W1: 200 g - 30 kg / W2: 400 g - 60 kg
W1: 10 g / W2: 20 g
Measuring unit
Kg, g
Display type
LCD with background light
Number of digits
Height, digits
28 mm
Tiltable, rotatable
Tripod display
External interface
RS 232
Communication protocols
Operating temperature
-10 °C ~ +40 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH)
46 x 35 x 52.5 cm
13.55 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
41 x 31 x 51 cm
Shipping weight
14.1 kg

1 = Symbols for Metrology

2 = First Calibration Year

3 = E-Calibration Identification Number

4 = Precision Class - III - for Commercial Sales

What do I do if my scale is broken?

We offer professional customer service and will have the device repaired by an authorised service partner. You should therefore contact us.

Can I connect the scale to a computer?

This is no problem. The scale has an RS 232 interface that allows you to connect it to a computer.

What does a precision of 20 g for a weight of up to 60 kg mean?

20 g is the maximum deviation of the weight that the device can display at a load of 60 kg. Since this is a calibrated device, you can be certain that the deviation will not be greater than 20 g.

  • Platform scale BEKO+LCD035x04060-B1
  • Power plug
  • Instruction manual

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