Terminal Removal Tool

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Effortless car repair with an MSW terminal removal tool set

The more advanced our motor technology becomes, the more electrical components there are to navigate. From batteries, plugs and connectors, there are dozens of small and fragile parts that must be loosened, tightened or removed during repair. Without the proper tools, this can be a tricky and even dangerous task. Luckily the terminal removal tool range from the car experts at MSW will help you stay on top of things. It’s the perfect fit for a professional or home garage.

For the quick removal of electrical connectors

• Flexible

• Universally-applicable

• 12 or 19 part sets

• Durable case

• For round and flat connectors

• Clearly organised

A versatile terminal removal tool is a great investment for any professional or home workshop. They’re also a great addition to your professional tools on construction sites, factories, and farms – for any job where you might be operating heavy machinery. With a wide selection of terminal removal tools to choose from in our garage range, you can repair and examine cars quickly and effortlessly. Batteries and electrical connectors are delicate and expensive, but with the right terminal removal tool, you can get to work quickly without damaging them. The universal terminal removal tool can unlock both round and flat connections on a wide range of the most popular car models such as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, VW, Audi, Toyota and Honda. And you can use your terminal removal tool for a wide range of car parts, whether your electrical plugs are adapted for ABS systems, climate sensors or even radios. That’s head-to-toe vehicle repair! The tips of each element are covered with folding caps, reducing the risk of injury while you work, and their ergonomically designed for your comfort. And with each terminal removal tool designed with high quality stainless steel and durable handles, you know your kit will be an investment that lasts. Both terminal removal tool sets are clearly organised in a practical and compact carrying case, so you can easily pack away your terminal removal tool or take it with you on the go. Another great choice for repairing and upgrading vehicles is our trim removal tools. This two-part toolkit is the perfect companion for disassembling upholstery, claddings, seals, attachments and strips from vehicles.

More ways to keep your car on the road

• Range of lifting equipment

• Versatile car polisher

• Use on wood, metal and plastic

• Handheld cordless grill

• Range of scales

The Expondo range of garage equipment goes much further than trim and terminal removal tools. Whether you’re making minor upgrades or getting stuck into some heavy lifting, we’ve got everything you need to kit out your professional or personal workshop. First up in our growing range, it’s our best-value car polisher. Fitted with a wide polishing area, this handheld polisher is specifically designed to help you process lacquers on cars, motorcycles, and boats restoring them to their original shine. You can also use it on a range of woods, plastics, stone and metal, and it’s especially good for polishing out minor scratches, scuffs, and damages. If you’re working on a budget then you’ll want to check out our cheapest cordless drill screwdriver. With two-speed transmission of up to 1,500 RPM and a range of interchangeable drilling heads, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your drilling needs when working with wood, metal or concrete. Last in our range of garage equipment, take a look at our engine oil extractor. The high-powered oil extractor can withstand up to 75 litres of oil and is great for safely and swiftly removing, transporting or disposing of large quantities of oil, whether it’s hot oil or cold. In our range of industrial supplies, you’ll find a versatile range of commercial scales, from precision scales for labs and kitchens to affordable price-calculating scales for shops and warehouses. No-matter where you work, it’s important to keep on top of custodial tasks for health and safety reasons. Our drain cleaning machines with strong and flexible coils are ideal for clearing hard-to-reach drains, indoors and out. They’re a great addition to your maintenance supplies wherever you work! Finally, don’t forget to check out our growing range of catering supplies with everything from fridges and freezers to kitchen sinks!