Tomato Slicer

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Any seasoned chef will understand that in the kitchen, timing is everything. Even with the simplest of dishes, preparation time all adds up. That’s where slicing tools, like our tomato slicer, can really come in handy. Tomatoes are a staple ingredient in kitchens the world over. For burger toppings, pizzas, salads and more, manually slicing tomatoes can be done quickly and safely with our stainless steel tomato slicer from Royal Catering at hand.

Create thin and even sliced tomatoes in seconds with a stainless steel tomato slicer

Wasting time in the kitchen can certainly lead to unhappy customers. But sometimes rushing can be worse. It can lead to accidents, arguments and fundamental errors on the plate, such as undercooked food or missing ingredients. Give your kitchen staff all the headspace they need by investing in quality kitchen helpers like our tomato slicer. This convenient and compact device is suitable for all commercials restaurants, such as delis and fast food restaurants. It it’s also a handy time-saver in private kitchens and makes a great gift for any amateur chef with a love for kitchen gizmos. Diversity is a key factor with all of our kitchen appliances and gadgets.

And despite its specific title, the tomato slicer is quite a diverse little instrument! It’s the perfect kitchen tool to get thin and regular tomato slices, for say sandwiches and paninis, but it also works wonders for other foods too, such as mushrooms and mozzarella balls. It even doubles up as a slicer for fruits like lemons and limes; a great trick to have up your sleeve in a busy cocktail bar. With its ten stainless steel blades, the tomato slicer produces even slices of 5mm each. Intuitive to operate using minimal force, the tomato slicer also saves space and energy compared to using knives and chopping boards. Its blades are easy to remove for cleaning and their stainless steel material makes them resistant to corrosion and dents. We pride ourselves on the safety features of all of our craft supplies and catering equipment: Throughout use, your hands are protected by the tomato slicer’s guarded handle, and with its non-slip rubber feet, it maintains perfect stability even on slippery surfaces.

Preparation is key!

In a busy kitchen, it’s important to be as efficient as possible with preparing ingredients, to avoid stress when the rush hour hits. As well as the tomato slicer, we’ve got all sorts of fruit-and-veg preparation solutions. In our selection of vegetable choppers and fruit cutters you’ll find ingenious devices such as the onion slicer. The perfect partner-in-crime to the tomato slicer, the device uses the same technique create thinly cut pieces of onion, perfect for adding to burgers and fajitas. Once again, this slicer goes above and beyond its name, and, with its svelte stainless steel blades, is suitable for use on a wide range of firm fruits and vegetables.

Our convenient potato peelers are also becoming a staple for chefs who want to save time rustling up delectable roast potatoes for a Sunday lunch or the perfect side order of fries. And for a truly industrious chef, our user-friendly electric vegetable slicer will spare you intensive maintenance with a wide range of modular blade options for dicing, grating, and slicing at different widths. Other preparation tools such as our meat mincers and our table can openers can be found in our full range of catering equipment. For more ideas on elevating your culinary service, take a look at our full range of snack bar equipment. And for inspiration for upgrading your workspace, our full range of industrial equipment is updated regularly.