Gesamtansicht von Ultraschallreiniger - 3 Liter - Degas - Sweep -Puls
Front view of Ultrasonic Cleaner - 3 Litres - degas - sweep - pulse
Ultrasonic Cleaner - 3 Litres - degas - sweep - pulse

Ultrasonic Cleaner - 3 Litres - degas - sweep - pulse

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The professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix Ulsonix was conceived for...More information

The professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix Ulsonix was conceived for professional use. It is characterised by gentle procedures and a high cleaning frequency. The ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix uses high-frequency vibrations in the cleaning liquid to remove even the smallest dirt particles at inaccessible points.

  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Extremely strong performance
  • Stainless steel
  • Gentle process
  • High cleaning frequency
  • Fast & hygienic
  • Degassing function
  • Sweep function
  • Pulse function
  • Option to adjust the ultrasonic strength
  • Carry handles

The closing cover is made of stainless steel and reduces noise. Additionally the cover speeds up the heating of the cleaning fluid. The cleaning container is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a 2/3 marking line. With that you can always pour in the ideal amount of cleaning fluid. A steel basket is also included in the delivery, so you can easily place all utensils to be cleaned into the basket. Via the Control Panel on the device you can adjust the regular heating-up and timer settings. Since the ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix will inform you directly about the remaining cleaning duration, active ultrasonic cleaning as well as heating process, you always have a clear overview over the whole procedure. The ultrasonic cleaner has also a start/pause-button with memory function. The current temperature is displayed on the device in degrees Celsius. This ensures that you can always keep an eye on the desired temperature of the cleaning fluid. The high-performance heating element is located on the back side of the ultrasonic cleaner. Of course, operation is possible in open state without cover or in closed state with cover.

The timeless design of the electric ultrasonic Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix integrates perfectly in its surrounding and provides a high degree of flexibility. The device does not have to be installed permanently for stationary use but rather can also be used as mobile unit. The ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix operates with an input voltage of 230 V and ultrasonic strength of 70 Watts.

The professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix features a robust design and high reliability. It is known for its simple and intuitive operation. Take your chance and buy the professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix today!

The professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix consists of high-quality stainless steel and thus protected from corrosion and easy to clean. The high-quality stainless steel is more resistant and guarantees extremely long durability. The modern design and the high quality make the ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix unique.




Model Proclean 3.0DSP
Condition NEW
Input voltage 230 V, 1-Phase
Capacity 3 litres*
Interior dimension of the container 23,8 x 13,8 x 10 cm
Sonic frequency 37 kHz
Ultrasonic strength 160 W
Heating Power
200 W
Carry handles Yes
Cover Yes
Degassing function Yes
Sweep function Yes
Pulse function Yes
Adjustment of ultrasonic strength Yes
Dimension (LxWxH) 17,40 x 30,00 x 25,50 cm
Weight 3,65 kg
Shipping dimensionᅠ (LxWxH) 32,00 x 25,00 x 31,50 cm
Shipping weight 4,40 kg

(* due to the slightly conical shape of the tank and its "round" corners 3 litres is not fully reached.)

The degassing function (D)

The degassing function (D) causes that the gases present in the liquid (for example carbon dioxide) will be driven out. Freshly added cleaning fluid (or when unused for a longer period) contains gases, which have a lasting negative influence on the cleansing effect. 5 – 10 minutes before use, degassing the liquid in the oscillating tank is necessary (without accessories and cleaning products). This process has to be done after filling the container or after a standing time of one day. Without this function the ultrasonic effect of the device would be strongly dampened. During the degassing the cavitation noise is reduced – the ultrasonic cleaner works more quietly. The reduction of the noise level does not mean that the ultrasonic power subsides but rather illustrates the end of the degassing process and an improvement of the cleaning effect. If the degassing function is not used the whole ultrasonic energy in the fluid would be burnt because of the friction of the wavefronts. The result is that no energy reaches the workpiece. Degassing reduces the cycle time of the ultrasonic device significantly as it ensures the quick degassing without accumulation of bubbles. Consequently this process offers you a decisive advantage: Only in sufficiently degassed fluid the formation of cavitation bubbles can occur, making the cleaning process more efficient. This new technology is used because it efficiently accelerates the cleaning process – particularly in freshly mixed baths. The degassing function of this high-quality device is a very gentle and efficient cleaning process, which speeds up the degassing of liquids very quickly. The ultrasonic effect in the prepared liquid also provides a degassing effect but, depending on the tank size, it is more time consuming. The main advantage of the degassing function is that it actively supports you, especially when cleaning up dirty objects as well as cleaning silver, copper and brass. The degassing function is simply more practical and time-saving!


The sweep function (S)

The sweep function (S) can be activated and allows via frequency modulation for an ideal sound field distribution in the cleaning fluid. This device is equipped with a brand new ultrasonic generator with special ultrasonic transducer. This device is different from other ultrasonic cleaner since it has the sweep function as an additional feature. In a direct comparison with a conventional system with a normal generator without sweep function, this innovative generator is more satisfying because of the contrasting distribution of the ultrasonic waves in the cleaning fluid. The resulting waveform, like it can be seen in the graphics, shows the efficiency the sweep function. The perfect cleaning result in the end speaks for itself:



How does the sweep technology of the professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix work?

When using the sweep technology the output frequency is modulated around the central frequency value. This means that the oscillating systems of the innovative ultrasonic generator work with a frequency of 37 kHz. Additionally, this oscillating system can be modulated with a frequency of 36 and 38 kHz. This procedure reduces the cleaning time considerably and it prevents the damage of sensitive objects when cleaning. The sweep technology makes it easier for the ultrasonic waves to get through the grid of the hanging basket in order to reach the item to be cleaned. The cleaning results improve and the ultrasonic cavitation in unusual cleaning fluids will be more supported. This cavitation effect cannot be found in conventional devices. The effect of the stationary waves will be reduced and therefore the distribution of ultrasonic energy in the cleaning fluid increases efficiently and effectively.


The Pulse function (P)

The Pulse function (P) gives you the option to adjust the wave frequency directly at the device. You can increase this value from standardly 100% to 120%. The pulse function is suitable for an intensification of the ultrasonic cleaning effect when removing stubborn dirt. Additionally, the operation of the device improves when using freshly prepared cleaning fluid as well as when changing the basket. The result is that the cavitation verge is reached significantly quicker and the reduction of cleaning time. Due to this function the phases will be reduced to a minimum and consequently ensures optimum operation even with a high cleaning performance. So in future, if you should need more power just switch on the pulse function. The resultant peak power results make it suitable for diverse uses for example in the biotechnology or for dissolving poorly soluble substances. The device can be used universally.


The possibility of adjusting the ultrasonic strength

With the possibility of adjusting the ultrasonic strength,the professional ultrasonic cleaner Proclean 3.0DSP by Ulsonix offers you to increase the standardly value from 40% to 70% or even 100%. To suit your personal requirements and preferences you can choose between various ultrasonic strengths. Easy and quick regulation of the ultrasonic strength via the control panel. The level of the strength is very important for the whole cleaning process. Do you have particularly fragile objects to clean? In this case we recommend adjusting a very low strength so that the objects do not break. A high ultrasonic strength ensures a high level of efficiency when cleaning stable and big objects and surfaces. No matter what you are about to clean: thanks to the possibility of adjusting the ultrasonic strength this device is universally usable and will strongly support you in your work.

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