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Kamado BBQ - ceramic grill - large - grate diameter: 32.5 cm

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Key features
  • High-performance – kamado grill effectively stores heat, enabling fast cooking and extended heat retention for dishes
  • Diverse – the ceramic grill is suitable for roasting, smoking, baking, searing, and slow cooking
  • Convenient – the grill lid features a thermometer with a temperature range up to 400 °C and a coloured scale for various cooking methods
  • Economical – the kamado BBQ retains heat for an extended period, requiring minimal fuel (charcoal or hardwood)
  • Sturdy – the ceramic-chambered grill is positioned on a robust steel frame with 3 rollers and features two side shelves
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Technical details

Stainless steel
Cast iron
Battery powered
Dimensions (LxWxH)
102 x 59 x 98 cm
40.6 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
109 x 90.5 x 77 cm
Shipping weight
43.6 kg

Product Description

Kamado grill with in-built thermometer for every kind of culinary adventure

This Uniprodo ceramic grill is versatile, handling smoking, baking, grilling, and searing – an all-in-one solution. Thanks to its premium glazed ceramic, the kamado grill retains heat and moisture within, cooking your dishes to perfection. With its diverse cooking capabilities, the kamako grill caters to BBQ enthusiasts, catering companies, and outdoor events with equal proficiency. The grill is portable and features two side shelves for barbecue tools and more.

Kamado BBQ from Uniprodo: fire, ceramic, joy

Elevate any BBQ party with the Kamado grill. The stylish oval grill, crafted from black ceramic, adds to its allure – as does its ability to prepare a multitude of different dishes. The solid ceramic efficiently retains heat, allowing the grill to heat up quickly, cook food rapidly, and keep it warm for an extended period. Efficiently fire the grill using only a small amount of wood or charcoal. Conveniently read the temperature, up to 400 °C, on the built-in thermometer in the lid. The thermometer also includes a coloured temperature scale for the different cooking methods: smoking, baking, grilling and searing. The adjustable ventilation openings in the lid and in the lower section of the ceramic grill allow you to precisely control the air flow and the temperature inside the grill chamber.
The solid lid, which you can easily open using a wide wooden handle, reliably keeps the heat and moisture in the cooking chamber. This keeps steaks and smoked meats juicy and flavourful. Positioned on a robust steel frame, the ceramic grill is weather-resistant and can be effortlessly moved thanks to its three rollers.

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