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Are weight vests worth it?

Weight vests are currently experiencing a revival. But what do weight vests actually do? They intensify strength and endurance training for quick and sustainable success. The increased body weight puts more strain on the muscles and boosts fat burning. This increases the efficiency of the training makes it less time-consuming, though at the same time more demanding. But do not worry: even beginners can use a vest with weights. Most models have several sand or metal inserts on the front and back for increasing the intensity of training and adjust it individually and over time.

Exercising with a weighted vest

In principle, anyone can optimize and intensify their training with a weight vest. However, anyone with back or joint problems or other pre-existing conditions should carefully consider whether training with a weight vest of 50 kg is not counterproductive and make sure that the complaints are not intensified. In this case or in case of other uncertainties, a physician should be consulted before use. Children training with a weight vest should definitely consult a specialist beforehand to rule out the risk of postural defects among others.

At the beginning of the training, many people underestimate the additional effort that comes with wearing a sand or lead vest. Beginners should incorporate weight training with a vest into their workout only occasionally and gradually shorten the intervals of not wearing the vest. Another important aspect to consider is the appropriate weight of the vest: Is the weight vest 10 kg, the weight vest 20 kg, the weight vest 30 kg or an even heavier right for me? This depends not only on one's physical condition, one's weight and training conditions but also on the type of sport for which the vest is used. Here is a brief overview:

Cross fit: cross trainer, running or walking

Weight vests CrossFit or running with weights? This is possible, in principle. However, the weight should be kept as low as possible to avoid hard come downs and protect the joints. In addition to a very low weight, only moderate training is recommended. Weight vests for walking, interval training on a stepper or a power walk with a weight vest don't pose any problems – running on a treadmill or jogging with weights, on the other hand, should be avoided. An alternative for those who lack time and iron will: Wear your weight vest for a whole day without carrying out any special work-out.

Strength training: pull-ups with a training vest

Weight vests are better suited for strength training than for endurance training – especially if you train only with your own weight. For example, pull-ups with additional weight can be a real challenge: Experienced athletes can handle between 15 and 20 kg during strength training. But even with lower weights or at a multi-gym machine in the gym, the desired results for targeted muscle building are achieved more quickly with a training vest.

Wearing a weighted vest the whole day

If you want to train with a weight vest, you should pay attention to both the maximum total weight and the fit. Depending on the material and processing, weight vests are available from 10 to 50 kg. Optimally, the weights can be attached individually and adjusted according to training type and goal. In addition, there should be sufficient padding to prevent injuries and increase comfort.

For optimal freedom of movement, the fit is crucial. It is recommended to choose a vest with weights that have adjustable straps. This allows for a snug fit and a comfortable workout.

If you want to train outdoors and run or walk with weights, the weight vest should be made of water-repellent material – such as neoprene. This prevents soaking and hypothermia during training with a weight vest when it rains or snows.

Finally, when you are buying a weight vest, you should check whether the vest already contains sand or metal fillings or if it is an empty vest without weights. Both versions are available. If you prefer to stay fit without a weight vest, you can find a large selection of training accessories such as gym mats or weight benches at expondo.