Welding Cables

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When replacing the cables in your welding device, it pays to invest in high-quality cables perfectly suited for your welder and use case. Don’t run the risk of using budget-quality cables, which might lead to electrical faults and worse – these welding cables are high-quality and designed for professionals, while still being affordable. Whether you use a MIG welder, a TIG welder or even a combined welder, make sure to stock up on some reliable replacement cables to keep things running smoothly.


Safe, robust and reliable welding cables

If your welder needs replacement parts or you are simply looking to stock up in case of future technical failures, it is a good idea to purchase a set of welding cables designed specifically for your welding machine with quality and reliability in mind. Like all of our workshop supplies, our welding cables are produced with high-end materials by trusted manufacturers such as Stamos Germany to ensure that you get a product you know you can depend on. The wide range of welding cable lengths means that you’ll find the product you need which best suits the way you weld and the set-up in your workshop – whether you are running a professional welding studio, an auto repair workshop, or even just a well-equipped private DIY set-up in your garage! These cables are a useful addition to any set of welding or power tools.

With the right safety equipment and a decent set of replacements for your welder, you know you can weld with peace of mind. These welding cables connect easily and intuitively to the welder, so you can remove the old ones and install the new ones quickly and easily, meaning minimal time is wasted carrying out the repairs on the machine – so you can get straight back to working on your project! And there’s no need to wait for your welder to break before you replace the cables; if your welder is old or unreliable, it might make a big difference to upgrade the cables before something goes wrong.

Professional cables for all welders

Whether MMA, MIG, TIG, combined or another type of welder, we have a full catalogue of welding cables for any machine. Our MMA cables range in length from our shortest welding cable at 3.5m to 8m, while our ground cables for various welders can go from 3.6 to 4m. These important additions to your industrial toolkit give you a back-up you can rely on; the high-quality internal wires and strong, sturdy clamps ensure the best possible performance, for workshops where the work is demanding and reliable appliances are essential. For replacement welders, our welder catalogue is a great place to start – we stock professional-quality MIG welders, TIG welders, a range of combined welders and many other welding devices. These are all compatible with our welding cables, which in turn are compatible with welders from other manufacturers.

We aim to provide welding cables for all requirements, all the way up to our MMA cable with an attached electrode holder which is a full 8m long. The trusted brands provided by expondo work hard to produce top-range tools and gear, suitable for any workshop and even branching into other sectors such as the catering industry! That’s how you know you’re getting professional-quality tools which will suit your unique business or project. Combined with other top-quality tools from expondo, from high-end soldering stations to heavy-duty lifting rigs, you’ll have a set of equipment that’d make any tradesman proud.