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Automatic Chicken Feeder - 12 kg - footboard 980 g

Price includes 20% VAT.

Item: EX10280039


Model: WI-CF-120

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • Practical—automatic feeder is opened by the weight of the chicken on a footboard
  • Durable—weatherproof and sturdy housing made of embossed aluminium
  • Safe—embossed aluminium footboard prevents the chickens from slipping
  • Spacious—large capacity of 12 kg provides food for a long time
  • Hygienic—feed remains sealed and is only dispensed as needed, feeder prevents feed from being scattered
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last year Posted on Amazon Germany

Very good investment

Our Orpis and Greenlayers only needed 3 days because the big mouth could have eaten them... and because I simply hadn't installed this strange gray plug at the beginning because the instructions for screwing it together really had a very poor resolution From the pictures, I didn't even know where this thing actually belonged and what the part was supposed to be used for...but that was exactly the big help so that the flap didn't fall shut again so quickly and with a bang. Now the lid lowers slowly and quietly, so it is no longer threatening and the little animals pose to each other how great they are when they can open this initially threatening box to eat. Very nicely made and the expensive, good food is protected from mice and rats as we wanted. Simply great, it's worth the money! Especially with the large Orpington, it was important to us to find something that offered plenty of headroom when eating. The roosters have such large combs that they would otherwise injure themselves when eating from the largest hanging feeders when they had to squeeze their heads in to get to the food. Everyone is happy now, really great!

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last year Posted on Amazon France

The product seems good to me, however it is not a new package that I received

The package received did not have the assembly instructions, I would have preferred the package to be properly checked, there were pages missing in the instructions, certainly kept by the person who had tried to assemble it before me. Frankly, it's not very correct, the remaining instructions, namely the safety instructions, were even stained. , I had to find the missing pages on the internet and make screenshots, then the editing is a bit messy and the drawing is not precise enough and too small. the explanations seem clear but in fact there are no important explanations and so we have to guess what we were doing with some of the nuts, moreover I had to add 4 small nuts to the screw put in to attach the large bar to the market foot, otherwise it won't hold. Otherwise once assembled, the feeder seems good and sufficiently solid. We showed some hens and it was ultimately the white ones who ended up understanding and showing the others.

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last month Posted on Expondo Germany

Automatic feeder for chickens

It's a great device, the chickens immediately figured out how it works.

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3 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Very well made, but... No more buts! 👍

The media could not be loaded.\n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n \n We are pleasantly surprised at how good it is Feed container is processed. Everything has been perfectly deburred, so there are no sharp spots. That makes people and chickens happy! 🙂However, there is a lot of play at the joints of the rods (see photos), which surprises us because the rest is really accurately processed. But well, that's why we deduct one star. The flap also makes a lot of noise when opened, I think you can hear it quite well in the attached video. If it turns out during use that neither has any effect and that it doesn't bother the chickens, the fifth star will be returned. It was important to us that the box was mouse or mouse-proof. It is designed to be rat-proof and that is it. Overall, our expectations were met and in some cases even exceeded. A purchase recommendation for us. We will update the review after a few months of use. Update May 2021: Today the chickens have finally moved in and the first approaches look quite good. If things continue to go well, then we have done everything right and are happy to give the fifth star back. Update June 2021: The chickens are now accepting the feed container very well. See video. The fifth star is therefore back. We are extremely satisfied with it and would be happy to recommend it to others. Update April 2022: Unfortunately, there are now problems with the gentle closing mechanism. The nipple no longer moves completely out of the holder, see last picture. The contact with the seller was very good and friendly. A replacement part will be sent to us, but unfortunately this will take a few weeks. Until then, the lid closes without braking. We'll leave the rating at 5 stars for now because we are generally very satisfied with the food container. If the same error also occurs with the new locking mechanism, then it doesn't seem to be an exception and we will downgrade accordingly.

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8 months ago Posted on Expondo Poland

No comment provided.

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2 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Great part, but my chickens don't understand it

Highly recommended for smart chickens. Well made and functional. Unfortunately, even after several months, all three of my chickens didn't understand that you have to step on them and only eat when there is a stone on the plate. But the manufacturer can't help it. :D

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2 years ago Posted on Amazon Italy

chicken feeder

It didn't solve my problem

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7 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Great machine, workmanship needs improvement!

This is our second machine! Since we are very satisfied with the first one for 2 years, apart from the closing damper it was clear that the next one would be the same model!

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2 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Product idea great...with flaws

We ordered a box as a sample, and to our surprise, our chickens took it very well and understood it very quickly. Unfortunately, we noticed that there was a small gap of approx. 1.0-0.5 mm in the box on both sides. When we asked the customer center, we were told that we had assembled it incorrectly. So I completely disassembled it again, but the problem remained. But since it worked so well, we ordered 3 more pieces, i.e. 4 in total. The gaps are there too. Contacted customer service again and we were declared unable to assemble the product correctly. So we got someone else to take another look at it. Unfortunately the gap has not disappeared. No response from customer center. Unfortunately, the laying flour slips through the gaps, making it a huge mess. It's a shame, I expected more for the money.

Reply from

Hello, I'm sorry that you are having problems with the product. We have contacted you via email to resolve the issue. Please be sure to reply so we can see if there is a solution to this.
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