Wine Cooler Fridge

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Upgrade your beverage game with one of our modern designed wine cooler fridges.

Serious wine connoisseurs may disagree on their favorite vintages, but they all share one thing in common: a good wine cooler fridge. And you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in our drinks fridges offerings. Making sure your beverages are chilled or kept right at the recommended temperature is crucial to providing the correct serving conditions to your guests. Whether they’re coming over for a small get together or you’re entertaining the extended family; everyone will be impressed by your hosting abilities. So, start thinking about which model and size wine cooler fridge is right for your serving needs.

A great addition to the hotel bar or anywhere you’re entertaining guests at home!

- An absolute must for anyone entertaining guests in their home.

- Great for the holiday season when you have groups of people coming over.

- Made from high-quality materials that ensure high build quality with great looks.

- A range of powerful fresh systems that will keep running year after year.

Whether you’re coming here after purchasing quality catering equipment from our main brand Royal Catering, or you’ve been looking to upgrade your refrigeration options with a new wine cooler fridge, you’ve come to the right place. We have our full online Expondo catalogue with catering, craft and industrial equipment just a click away. You could have one of these fancy looking wine cooler fridges installed and ready to go for your upcoming weekend get together loaded with your favorite libations. The cooling system allows you to chill them from 11 to 18 degrees Celsius and the powerful fresh system motors were designed with energy consumption in mind. The double-glazed door allows you to see what you’ve got in store but will also make sure there’s no energy waste. And the steel casing materials ensure these wine cooler fridges won’t be needing a replacement anytime soon. The same goes for all of our refrigeration equipment if you’re looking for more alternatives in the restaurant or lounge. Or perhaps you’re looking to keep the stainless-steel furniture motif going in your space and want to see what your options are before pulling the trigger. Whatever it is you’re pulling together, adding a great looking wine cooler fridge to the mix will definitely be a purchase you’ll use for years to come.

Another great item in our wide range of food and beverage offerings.

- Not just for the professional catering crowd or dining establishments.

- Don’t have to deal with a loud motor to annoy guests or patrons.

- You’ll realise how much you need one once you start expanding your selection.

- The next best thing to having your own wine cellar and a lot cheaper!

We have such a wide range of items it’s hard to keep track of them all! And our wine cooler fridges are just the tip of the iceberg. Our new sport & health range of products have just been added, giving you even more options than before. While we do have quite an extensive selection in our hotel equipment category, and we’ve made a name for ourselves through our great catering equipment for industry professionals, these wine cooler fridges will fit right in anywhere you need your beverages chilled. Not everyone has the space or funding to have their own personal wine cellar and this is definitely the next best option. While many restaurants will be intrigued by our commercial kitchen equipment offerings or our commercial food warmers for big crowds, these wine cooler fridges can be put just about anywhere you have an electrical socket. So, start getting ready to show off your brand-new wine cooler fridge to your guests!