Which gas grill should you choose, and how do they work?


Which gas grill should you choose from among the many available on the market? What should you look for in a good gas grill? This is a valid question for both restaurant owners and private users alike. Read on and find out.


Which gas grill should you choose from among the many available on the market? What should you look for in a good gas grill? This is a valid question for both restaurant owners and private users alike. Read on and find out.

Gas grills – how do they work?

Let’s take a closer look at how a gas grill works. It usually has has gas supplied from a cylinder and at least one burner located under the grate. There is a tray between these elements that separates the grilled food from the fire, and also acts as a fat drainer. Food is therefore heat treated under the influence of the fire from the burners.

Before you start grilling, set the grill in such a place that it does not pose a threat to anyone nearby or the surrounding area. Make sure that there are no flammable items or chemicals in the area, which could catch fire as a result of an unfortunate incident. And also make sure that the whole structure is stable and won’t topple over.

Don’t forget to check that the gas cylinder to be connected is sufficiently filled with gas, and has been connected correctly, to avoid any problems. Once everything is in place you can start the burner.

What should you pay attention to when buying a gas grill?

Now that you know how they work, it’s time to choose the perfect gas grill for your needs. How can you choose the right model and what should it have? Let’s start with the fact that gas grills work more or less in the same way as a gas stove. The main difference between specific grills is usually the surface of the cooking grate, the number of burners, the material they are finished with, and the additional features.

So if you only intend to use it from time to time, it is better to go for a relatively simple model for basic tasks. If you are looking for more extensive functionalities you should choose a model with an additional grill, smokehouse or oven.

Gas grill features

Virtually every gas grill is equipped with the same key elements. The first one is the grate. It is made of stainless steel or cast iron, and is therefore usually very durable and quite heavy, letting you evenly grill your food even during colder seasons.

The next feature are the burners, which determine how useful a given grill is. A characteristic feature are the openings on both sides, through which the gas is released. The burners enable the grill to heat up quickly. Some models have two rows of holes, meaning you have twice as many heat sources.

The nozzles and valves are another very important feature of gas grills, letting you adjust the gas intensity, and thus the grilling temperature. A useful option are knobs that can be turned 180 degrees, letting you precisely set the temperature of your grill.

Flavour bars are no less important, letting your gas grilled dishes acquire their full flavour. They evaporate the fat that leaks from the food on the grate, and the steam is then absorbed by the food, which soaks up its aroma. Flavour bars are made of stainless steel and have a conical shape.

The next important element of a gas grill is the gas cylinder cabinet. Different models will have different sizes, so it is worth making sure that the equipment you choose has enough space for popular 11kg gas cylinders.

The last element worth paying attention to is the cover it should be solid and thick, to prevent heat from escaping and maintain the right temperature, e.g. when grilling in changing weather conditions. The best option is die-cast aluminium with double walls made of stainless steel.

Types of grills

In addition to gas grills, there are also other types of grills that differ in the power source. Charcoal grills are a popular type, as well as electric grills, which can be used, for example, on a balcony. All of the different types can be used to prepare the same dishes, but there are some differences worth mentioning. What are they?

Gas and charcoal grills

Let’s start off by comparing gas and charcoal grills. The first and probably the most fundamental difference is basic grilling routine. In the case of a charcoal grill, the whole process is like a ritual that begins with lighting the fire. The necessity of adding coal and keeping an eye on the flame are something you will not experience with a gas grill, which can be a disadvantage for some people.

A very significant difference is also the taste and flavour of grilled dishes. In the case of a charcoal grill, they will absorb the smoke from the burning coal. Gas grilled dishes taste completely different, unless the grill has a smokehouse. When it comes to the softness and juiciness of grilled ingredients, a gas grill will be the best. Temperature regulation lets you precisely determine the intensity of the fire, and you can even grill dishes such as pizza.

In both cases, safety is also important. Using a gas grill requires you to keep an eye on the gas cylinder. You will need to ensure that it is properly connected, was not damaged during transport and is properly closed after use. When using a charcoal grill, you should be careful not to start a fire.

Gas and electric grills

How does a gas grill compare to an electric one? Both types are very easy to use, but due to its more advanced features, a gas grill is a better option for more advanced cooks. Modern electric models offer temperature selection and the possibility to control the entire food preparation process, making life much easier for those who like to cook a lot.

You will also notice differences between the two types during cleaning. Here the electric grill comes out on top, as it is usually equipped with fat drainage systems. Some electric grills have parts that can be washed in the dishwasher. A gas grill, on the other hand, is more difficult to clean.

Bear in mind also that electric grills are intended primarily for home use, for example on a  balcony. Nothing stops you from using them outdoors, as long as you can connect them to the power supply. Gas grills can be placed virtually anywhere – in a large kitchen, terrace or garden. All you will need is a suitable gas cylinder.

Which kind of gas is suitable for a gas grill?

The three popular types of gas cylinders are 5kg, 11kg and also the Nano cylinder. In addition to their capacity, they also differ in content, i.e. the type of gas. The first two contain propane-butane, while the nano cylinder contains propane. Which gas should you choose for a gas grill and what are the differences between them? The boiling point of propane-butane is -42 degrees Celsius, while with propane it is -4 degrees Celsius.

This is important, because propane-butane used for grilling at low air temperatures will simply be used quicker, so in such cases it’s better to use pure propane. However, there is something that should be taken into account – nano cylinders cannot be used to power larger models. This is because the gas consumption is much higher, which may be enough to automatically lock the reducer of the cylinder.

Gas grills for commercial use

Gas grills are quite popular in commercial catering. With such equipment, professional chefs can create real works of culinary art. It is a great option for expanding your menu offer and attracting new customers.

For this reason, producers of such equipment offer gas grills that are not only functional but also highly efficient. You can choose from among different sizes, depending on your needs.

A grill for a sandwich bar

If you run a sandwich bar, a gas grill could be a good idea. The possibility of precise temperature control is perfect for preparing delicate ingredients, e.g. grilled vegetables, which are a great addition to sandwiches. Grilled chicken tenderloin will also come out well.

Grills for restaurants

When running a restaurant, you need the appropriate equipment. To this regard, you should not only take into account the dishes you intend to serve, but also plan where it will be used. So when considering which gas grill to choose for your restaurant, also take into account its size. Each venue is different. Too much equipment in a commercial kitchen can significantly reduce the comfort of work. This 35 x 40 cm Gas Griddle is perfect for roasted specialities in restaurants, cafés, snack bars, food trucks, and catering companies. However, if you need a bigger platform for grilling then you may choose the 60 x 40 cm Gas Griddle working with natural gas. This 60 x 40 cm Gas Griddle with both smooth and ribbed surface offers you various grilling options for different types of food.

A grill in a kebab bar

Many owners of kebab bars are also users of gas grills, although in their case such equipment is not a priority, as the focal point of such restaurants is a kebab machine. Sometimes these too can be models powered with a gas cylinder. However, if you plan to offer more than just kebabs in such a restaurant, a gas grill is still a good idea.

Which gas grill should you choose – summary

Gas grills work well both in commercial kitchens and at home. They let you precisely determine the temperature of food preparation, are more efficient than traditional charcoal grills, and unlike electric grills, they can be used outdoors without any issues. However, when considering which gas grill to choose, pay attention to its features, such as the size and construction of the grill, i.e. the number of burners, the size of the grate, and the possibility of connecting a suitable gas cylinder.

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