Catering Equipment

Catering Equipment

Top quality for everyday use

Any professional chef, caterer or venue owner can only provide the best service and the best cuisine with the best equipment. A well-equipped kitchen, filled with quality catering equipment made by trusted manufacturers like Royal Catering and Bartscher, helps you to keep your customers happy, your hygiene ratings high and your maintenance costs low. And these appliances are not just exclusively for professional kitchens; we pride ourselves in offering the same excellent quality and reliable performance to keen private cooks who simply want to upgrade their culinary repertoire!


For the ultimate kitchen arsenal

All our industrial equipment and manufacturing tools are produced to the highest possible standards, and this is no exception with our range of catering equipment. We understand that every kitchen is different: from the fast-paced food truck business, to the finest restaurants, to the cosiest gastropub. That’s why our range is so broad, including all the appliances you need in multiple variations, sizes and with lots of optional extras to make sure you get exactly what you need for your business or home kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a fun popcorn maker or a heavy-duty meat mincer, you’ll find what you need in our catering equipment catalogue, and you can be certain that time has been taken to ensure each appliance is safe, functional and easy to use. Thanks to the high capacities of many of our appliances, we are an easy choice for caterers and chefs dealing with a high turnover or busy rush-hours, or even the pressure of lunchtime at a school or office canteen. One thing is for sure: good catering equipment helps professional and private cooks make the most of their culinary talents.

A comprehensive range of catering equipment

From the simplest building blocks of the kitchen like stainless steel counters and meat preparation equipment to more specialised catering equipment such as plate warmers and smart milkshake makers, the modern and high-quality designs of our appliances makes sure every kitchen looks and feels clean and professional. And it should be easy to clean, too; with smart design and quality cooking surfaces like Teflon, we endeavour to supply catering equipment which can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Every appliance in the range conforms to food safety norms thanks to rigorous quality checks, especially in the case of heating equipment such as ovens and cooling equipment like fridges. Many items of catering equipment in the catalogue feature useful automated features such as temperature control, while still ensuring that you can adjust the settings to get just the results you require. Whatever your needs are, our customer service team will advise you on the right catering equipment for your set-up. We are delighted to support passionate chefs and cooks in what they do, whether they’re running a Michelin-starred restaurant or selling homemade pies at a popular market stall.