Gas Griddle

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In our range of versatile professional catering equipment, we’ve got hundreds of smart food-prep, storage, and cooking gadgets for busy restaurants, cafes, caterers, and more. Our priority is to provide a choice of safe, efficient, and space-saving equipment from expert names such as Royal Catering and Bartscher. Gas griddles have been a staple in all manner of kitchens from fast food diners to hotels, for decades. These versatile machines allow for a healthy cooking option for burgers, sausages, pancakes, eggs, chicken, fish and veggies. Not only can you tackle this delicious array of dish options, but you can multitask, preparing several dishes at once, all while cutting down on excess fats and oils. Find out more about our versatile range, below.

It’s fast food, the healthy way!

• Suitable in private and professional kitchens • For cooking eggs, fish, meat, veggies, and pancakes • Space-saving and great for multi-tasking • Built with high quality stainless steel • Easy to clean

Gas griddles are a gateway to smart and healthy cooking, no-matter where you work. From small cafés and food-stalls, to packed-out restaurants and hotel buffets, our range of safe and efficient gas griddles can help you save time, increase production, and make the most of every inch of your cooking space. Our best value model of gas griddle (suitable with propane-butane gas) features two powerful burners, both heated with 3,000 W that reach cooking temperature quickly, saving you time in the kitchen and allowing you to cook at different temperatures at once. That’s unbeatable food management! For years of reliable use, the outer cover is manufactured with high quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The easy-to-clean surface, anti-splash protection and removable oil collection drawer mean that clean-up time is kept to a minimum. The flat cooking surface makes it ideal for pancakes, eggs and stir-fries. The second of our gas griddles from the experts at Royal Catering is suitable for natural gas use. Built to the same dimensions and high-quality spec as our alternative model, this natural gas option features a ribbed cooking surface, ideal for grilling meats such as burgers, steaks, chicken, and fish. As well as our gas griddles, we’ve got plenty versatile grilling gadgets in our full selection of grills. Our basic electric griddle model is the compact 50 x 52 cm unit by Royal Catering. Built with high quality stainless steel, this electric grill is equipped with a 55cm cast iron griddle, which is shielded with a protective splatter guard. The grill is fitted with a fully automatic temperature constancy control and features a notification signal for when your desired cooking temperature is reached. As with all of our electric and gas griddles, this device is fitted with an easy-to-remove oil collection tray.

Time to turn up the heat!

• Useful for hotel buffets and breakfast bar • Contact grills for burgers and toasted sandwiches • Lightweight for easy transport • Fight temperature loss with our plate warmers

Our electric and gas griddles are the ideal grilling solution for breakfast buffets, allowing you to tackle a wide range of early-morning favourites such as sausages, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. And why stop there? Give your hungry guests a great reason to get smile in the morning with our wide range of breakfast gadgets such as juice and coffee machines, cereal dispensers, and of course, our high-powered stainless steel catering toaster. As well as our versatile gas griddles, we also feature multi-purpose fryers, rotisserie ovens, and lava rock grills. In our range of contact grills, you’ll find compact, portable grilling devices that are perfect for small kitchens and caterers cooking from site to site. Our contact grills are ideal for whipping up paninis and burgers, and heating up baked snacks before serving. Once you’ve turned up the heat, why compromise on temperature? With our plate warmers to keep dishes warm throughout service, your guests will never complain of a lukewarm meal. In our full range of stainless steel furniture, you’ll find plenty more great solutions to optimise your food service, from knee-contact hand wash basins to noise-free serving trolleys. Remember, Expondo has you covered when it comes to all your business needs. Don’t forget to check out our range of industrial equipment and our professional craft supplies for kitchens, schools, factories, labs, and construction sites.