Which wine cooler should you buy – a buyer’s guide


Do you love wine? Then you probably know that wine tastes best when served at the perfect temperature. This is easily achieved if you equip your home or restaurant with a wine cooler. Find out which wine cooler will work best for you!


Do you love wine? Then you probably know that wine tastes best when served at the perfect temperature. This is easily achieved if you equip your home or restaurant with a wine cooler. Find out which wine cooler will work best for you!

How does a wine cooler work?

Each kind of wine should be served at the right temperature – only then is it possible to fully appreciate its taste. Wine coolers are therefore a must have for any wine connoisseur.

You may wonder why you can’t simply keep wine in a standard fridge. Do you really need additional equipment for this purpose? If you like wine, but are not a connoisseur, then keeping it in the fridge should be ok. However, you should know that the temperature in a refrigerator is usually not suitable for cooling different types of wine – the temperature is rather aimed at keeping food fresh. Wines have more specific requirements – for white wines the ideal refrigeration temperature is approx. 10-15°C, red wines should be kept at around 17°C, rosé tastes best around 9-10°C and champagne should be almost ice cold – around 6-9°C.

A wine cooler should therefore be basic equipment in a commercial kitchen or home of a wine connoisseur.

An integrated or free-standing wine cooler?

In terms of design, you have two types of wine coolers to choose from. Which one should you choose?

Dimensions of integrated wine coolers

Another key aspect to consider when looking for the perfect wine cooler is its capacity. Standard sizes for integrated wine coolers are usually 15, 30, 40 or 60 cm.

From the wine storage perspective, the capacity of the wine coolers, shown in litres, is more relevant. Bear in mind, however, that the capacity does not mean how many litres of wine will fit inside. A general assumption is that approx. 33 standard 0.75 litre bottles of wine can be stored in a 100-litre wine cooler.

Which wine cooler with temperature zones is best?

As mentioned earlier on, each type of wine has different requirements regarding the preferred storage temperature, which is why some manufacturers offer wine coolers with different temperature zones. You can set a different temperature in each one, making them ideal for storing white, red, rosé or sparkling wine! However, this type of cooler is usually significantly more expensive.

Wine cooler safety systems

A modern wine fridge should be equipped with safety features allowing for proper storage at all times. Ideally you should look for a model with an automatic door closing mechanism to avoid the temperature inside from rising significantly. Another similar feature is an alarm that sounds if the door is not properly closed.

Whether in a small restaurant or in any home with children, the possibility to lock your wine fridge will be desired, or at least secure it so that it can only be opened by pressing an appropriate sequence of buttons.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a wine cooler?

Wondering what other features a good wine cooler should have? Find out what else to pay attention to:

Wine coolers for restaurants

Free-standing wine coolers are more popular in restaurants than integrated models. This is for several reasons – they are usually placed in view, e.g. behind the bar, and they have larger dimensions. In restaurants, spacious wine coolers are preferred, as they can store a larger number of bottles, as well as other types of alcohol.

Which wine cooler should you choose – summary

When looking for the perfect wine cooler, the first thing to consider are your specific needs. If you like to collect wine and let it age and develop its full flavour, then you should opt for larger, free-standing fridges that can be placed in the pantry, storage room or even displayed in the living room. A built-in wine cooler is better for storing smaller quantities of wine. Whatever your final choice, make sure it brings out the best in every type of wine!

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