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Inflatable SUP Board - 120 kg - black/yellow - set with paddle, seat and accessories

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Model: GR-SPB375

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Key features
  • Stable—can hold up to 120 kg
  • Safe—non-slip pad, handle and leash
  • Robust construction—high-quality workmanship, durable PVC with drop stitch surface
  • Mobile—light weight, rapid inflation and deflation
  • Accessories—paddle and repair kit included
Delivery details
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Technical details

Non-slip pad
Air pressure
1 Bar
Maximum load
120 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)
365 x 79 x 15 cm
11.65 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
26 x 92 x 47 cm
Shipping weight
15.55 kg

Delivery package

  • Inflatable SUP board GR-SPB375
  • Carrying bag
  • High pressure air pump
  • Paddle
  • Leash 10"
  • Repair kit
  • Instruction manual

Product Description

Get on the water with the inflatable SUP board with complete accessories

Water sports are in, adding variety on holiday as well as enriching our everyday lives. Glide over shallow waters or surf gentle waves with the inflatable stand up board GR-SPB375 from Gymrex. The board takes its shape perfectly as soon as it's inflated. In addition to the stand up paddle board, the set includes a paddle, a seat with removable cover, a fin, a repair kit and a high pressure air pump. Get on board for water sports with the sporting goods from Gymrex.

On lakes, rivers or the ocean—paddling is fun and keeps you in shape

The SUP board's sturdy construction can hold loads up to 120 kg and ensures stability on the water. To inflate, simply connect the included high-pressure hand pump to the valve on the board. You can be on the water in just seconds. Transporting the inflatable stand up paddle board is very easy, even when inflated, thanks to its light weight of just 12 kg and its handle. After your outing, you can quickly deflate the board using the valve for space-saving storage.
An anti-slip pad, also known as an EVA deck, ensures safety on board. The included 305 cm leash should be strapped to your ankle to guarantee that your equipment won't float away. The leash can also be used as a tow rope to allow yourself to be pulled over the water. There are also elastic bungee cords for attaching gear on the upper surface of the board.
The lightweight paddle enables you to manoeuvre easily and strike out in the direction of your choice. The removable fin allows you to tailor the manoeuvrability of the SUP board to the water conditions and the preferences of the user. You can stow all parts of the set safely inside the spacious carrying bag. The set also includes a repair kit, just in case.

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11 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Multifunctional SUP board

Tested on Polish Kashubia lakes and rivers. It attracted the attention of others with appearance and functionality. Good quality, stable and easy swimming in both standing and sitting. Easy to use, single chamber to pump, light weight compared to competition boards. I can recommend to buy if somebody is looking for a similar product including kayak option. One note, depending on the way of using it, to maintain stability while standing or sitting, please take care about inflating the seat and board properly = 15psi. With less air it can collapse while standing or take on water when sitting.

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last year Posted on Expondo Poland

A very nice multifunctional board.

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last year Posted on Expondo Poland

Great board! Kayak option is great!

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last year Posted on Expondo Czech Republic

Absolutely ideal, I use it on the lake and mostly as a kayak 💣👍

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last year Posted on Expondo Czech Republic


I am satisfied, I ride on lakes with calm water in the Czech Republic, I mainly use it as a kayak. Pravé can also carry two people 85 + 55 kg. Good buy, several people have already asked me where I bought the product for that price. Thanks. PS I had to repair the pump, the black wheel (flap) popped up, repair approx. 5 minutes)

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Thank you for your positive and constructive feedback. We look forward to welcoming you back to our online store in the future. We wish you a nice day!
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3 years ago Posted on Expondo Sweden

Excellent product

Very pleased with accuracy of package and fast delilvery. SUP appeared be excellent in the water (using it mainly in waters of Baltic archipelago). Very good tracking of course, and fairly good speed ! Plenty of space for sitting and stuffing the bags. Paddling it mainly in kayak style, sitting on the knees. I have not find it convenient for me the annonced "kayak option" (with cover removed). But it is my personal preference, in no way a dropback ! Water is squizing a little in between cover and walls (in SUP mode) over the longer tours. But it's not that bad. Overall, this is a very good SUP with impressive characteristics and capabilities, found perfect for myself to travel between islands in our archipelago (distanced reasonably between each other, say upto 1000m hops). Thanks a lot GymRex and Expondo !

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Netherlands

Not great

I've bought the SUP a few months ago and used it quite a few times by now. I have to say I'm unhappy with product. Using it as a SUP is incredibly uncomfortable. You have to stand either very narrow (hight risk of falling) or on the edges of the separate inflatable part and the SUP, which is very uncomfortable. When using it as a kayak (and also as a SUP), there's a lot of water coming in. I'm not loading it too much, actually far from it. It just doesn't stay straight enough (you can see it sort of bend from the side) even when maxed out PSI wise or isn't high enough? So highly not recommend for a SUP. If any, only use it as a kayak but know you'll be sitting in water.

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Thank you for your feedback, we are constantly working to improve our products and service.
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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Norway

Poor quality

Product has very poor quality, everything takes a long time from abroad. Bought a board but it arrived new with holes. In the end, the store took the tray and did not get the money back.

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Thank you for letting me know. We always want to help and improve, but to do this we need your support to prevent this from happening again in the future. Together we will make it.
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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to inflate the SUP board?

With a standard air pump it would take approx. 5 minutes to inflate.

Is it possible to bring along a bag and secure it to the stand up paddle board?

Yes, the hull of the SUP board has flexible bungee cords for securing all kinds of objects such as water bottles or a bag. But be careful not to exceed the maximum weight of 120 kg.

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